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Brothers & Sisters

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Since I never properly updated the site with news on the season 1 DVD release of Brothers & Sisters, I thought it’d be a good time to do so now. It’s set to come out on September 18th, as the calendar in the sidebar states. This is only for Region 1 though, sorry to say. These are the bonus features that will be on the disc set:

  • Bonus Episode: A Different View of the Walkers
  • “Walker Family Tree”
    The story behind the making of the compelling new series
  • “Set Tour with Dave, Balt and Matt”
    Get the inside look with Balthazar Getty, Dave Annable and Matthew Rhys (this should be hilarious!)
  • “Family Business”
    Meet the Olins, the real family behind the success of the popular TV family
  • Bloopers
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Audio Commentaries

    Also, there is now a section of the ABC TV Store featuring Brothers & Sisters merchandise. You can go there and buy some items then show off your love for the show! They have t-shirts, mugs, and more. I think I’ll buy myself the 2008 calendar.

    Finally, I added the People ad to the gallery.

  • The Video Archive returns!

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    Hey, guys! Guess what? After months of downtime (it was hacked earlier this year) The Video Archive is officially back! I know a lot of you were waiting for its return. Well, now you can rejoice. I’ve been working really hard on it for the past couple of days. So far there are 27 videos online. More will be added over the next few days though, so don’t worry. (Yes, you have to register.) If you come across any problems, feel free to e-mail me. Enjoy!

    Also, some of you may have seen the new ad for Brothers & Sisters’ season premiere in the latest issue of People Magazine. It’s the September 10th issue with Owen Wilson on the cover. If not, you can head on over to Brothers & Sisters TV to see their scans. I’ll have my own scans up for the site sometime tomorrow.

    Speaking of B&S, the re-run of the season finale is on in five minutes. I’m going to go watch it. Talk to everyone later!

    “Black Irish” News

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    More updates on “Black Irish” have come up recently. Thanks again to larry-411 for all the following information.

    The old official site, which was blackirishmovie.com, is no longer running. Instead, you can now find a brand new one, located at blackirishthemovie.net. It has a nice, sleek design and some fresh content, including a new trailer and photos which you are able to download.

    Why the new site? Well, “Black Irish” got picked up by Anywhere Road for distribution back in early July. They also got domestic rights for the film. I think after that, a new site was necessary. That is my understanding of it anyway.

    The Hollywood Reporter reported last month about the distribution deal. Anywhere Road is going to release the film September 28 in New York and Boston then in more cities later in the fall. I first thought it was going to be a DVD release but from the looks of it, it’ll be a theatrical one!

    Also, you have probably noticed by now that I put up a brand new layout for the site. It took me awhile to code since it was my first time using mouseover effects, but I finally got it! I like how it turned out, so I hope you all enjoy.


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    Hey, everyone! Wow. I haven’t updated in more than two months, has it really been that long? There really aren’t any excuses as to why it’s taken me such a long time to update again, as I’ve been out of school for awhile. Anyway! Today I checked online and was thrilled and surprised to find a brand new Emily picture!

    This scan is from the upcoming August “Body Issue” of the U.S. Jane Magazine (news that it was from Jane magazine came from Hot Rod over at FF). This will also be their final (that’s right final – the magazine is ending publication after nearly a decade of print) issue. Eva Mendes is on the cover. It will be available on stands July 24th.

    I must say that Emily looks absolutely angelic! The picture is tastefully done, too. I hope you all enjoy!

    Credit: nerble, Hot Rod


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    Hey, guys! Guess what happened to me today?? That’s right! As the title states, I got to meet Emily. I bet most of you are wondering: where, when, and how? Well, remember the news I posted last night on how she would be appearing on the CW11 Morning News? (BTW, you can watch the 4 minute video here – scroll down the video player to see her name and click to watch) At the last minute, I decided to go and wait outside their TV station building early this morning for the possibility that I might run into her. Well, as it turns out, I did. I got to talk to her and it was amazing! To read my experience, click here.

    Also, I already state this in my full report but when I told Emily my name and that I run the site here, she said, “Oh, my god! It’s so great to meet you!” and gave me a big hug. I guess that means she has heard of the site then, right? Maybe even has visited it once in the past 4 + years I’ve been running it? This makes me feel really good because now I know that Emily is aware of this site’s existence. It’s really an honor and pleasure to run a site for such a beautiful person, inside and out.


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    According to the CW11 site, Emily is set to appear tomorrow morning on the CW11 Morning News at 7:40 AM. This is the New York based station (I should know). If you’re unable to catch it, I’m pretty sure the site will upload a video and possible pictures from the interview. Be sure to tune in if you’re up that early! (This is all so ironic. I was wondering whether Emily would ever have another interview on their show…considering Everwood never made it to the CW as most of you know).

    Credit: Chaz-38

    Also, my apologies for not updating as much as I should. I’m wrapping up my senior year of high school and hopefully will be back with lots of new things soon! I still have plenty to add.


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    We wish you all the best, for now and your future endeavors! May your day be filled with gladness and joy. Have a great one!

    Brothers & Sisters

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    Wow. That’s all I have to say about last night’s episode. I can’t wait to see what happens next! Reminder that there is no new B&S this week . Like the calendar says, the next new episode will air APRIL 29th, which is in two weeks.

    384 screen captures from “Game Night” have been added to the gallery. Clips will be up soon; please be patient. There were 11 Rebecca scenes last night.

    Gallery registrations will be closed until further notice. I will be doing some spring cleaning and deleting users who have been inactive for too long. Sorry guys! Don’t worry it should re-open soon. Registrations are open again!!!

    New Layout & Site Revamped

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    This is a really long time coming. So, I decided to bring the site back even though some sections are still incomplete, such as the Press Archives and Videos page, which I know have been promising to all of you but they’ll still have to wait. As you can see, I put a brand new layout up! I don’t know what I think of it since I made it all the way back in November, but it’s still something and better than that temporary page. Anyway, I’d like to welcome back old visitors, and first timers as well!

    In the time that I put the site on hiatus, I only fixed several pages. The updated pages include: Biography, Filmography, Webmaster, and Credits.


    That’s it for site updates so far! You can scroll down for the other ones I made today. Until next time, see you guys later!

    Brothers & Sisters

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    Hey, everyone. I’m so sorry for taking so long in adding these but I’ve had a very hectic week, despite the fact that I’m on vacation. Anyway, here’s the Brothers & Sisters update I know most of you were waiting for!

    253 screen captures from “Three Parties” have been added to the gallery! Another great episode! I love how protective Justin is of Rebecca; it’s really sweet. Emily was amazing as always.

    Here are the clips from the episode: