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Upcoming Emily VanCamp Appearance

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Mark your calendars west coasters! Today I received an email from a woman who works for Anywhere Road, an independent film production and distribution company. Regular visitors know that they picked up “Black Irish” for distribution over the summer. Anyway, she informed me that Emily will be attending the after party for the film following the L.A. screening. This will take place on Friday, October 26th. Here is more information from the event:

Brad Gann’s


Michael Angarano Brendan Gleeson
Tom Guiry Emily VanCamp and Melissa Leo

Produced by
J. Todd Harris Kelly Crean Jeffrey Orenstein Mark Donadio

Friday, October 26 at 7:00 PM
At the Regency Fairfax Cinemas
7907 Beverly Blvd. At Fairfax

Reception to follow at Molly Malone’s
575 S. Fairfax Ave
Hollywood C.A. 90036

I really hope some of you are able to make this event. If you are in the Los Angeles area, take advantage of this opportunity. Sadly, I won’t be able to go since I live on the opposite coast, but if any of you do make it, please don’t hesitate to send in your fan encounters/pictures/etc. Thank you and hope you have a great time there

Exclusive – New Old Event

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“New Old Event?” What’s that mean, eh? Well, I’ve seen a few of these pictures around before, but I had never seen the complete set. Thanks to the kind contribution from GreyEyes at FanForum (seriously, thank you!!!) once again though, I have them for you. These are “new” since they’re not apart of the site yet, but on the other hand they’re also “old” because they’re from this past May. I hope that made sense.

Check out 32 pictures of Emily from the “Caravan Celebrity Upfronts” at the gallery. You see her shopping, trying on clothes, and being playful. Really cute.

“Things We Lost in the Fire” Premiere

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Hey, guys! Long time no see. School has kept me insanely busy, sorry about that. I even had to miss B&S Sunday night because of it. Anyway! Guess what? Our girl attended a new event last night! She went to the premiere of the new movie, “Things We Lost in the Fire”, and I have pics for you! Sincerest thanks to GreyEyes from FanForum for a good amount of the images. To see them, click here.

Also, 269 screen captures from the season premiere of B&S, “Home Front”, were added to the gallery about a week ago. I’m aware I’m behind on screen captures. Hopefully I’ll get caught up by this weekend.


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As you can tell, I am very excited!
Enjoy the S2 premiere, everyone!!!

Brothers & Sisters Stuff

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Don’t forget the SEASON PREMIERE of Brothers & Sisters is tomorrow night at 10/9c on ABC!

I added 255 screen captures from last Sunday’s special, “Family Album”, to the gallery. I capped both Emily’s interview snippets as well as clips of Rebecca from the show they featured, so that’s why there’s so many. I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have done that but oh well. [ETA] Fans residing in the United States can watch the recap special for free. It’s streaming online at the ABC site.

I also added 35 screen captures of the “Pictures of You” Music Video that played at the end of the special. I know I could’ve included these caps along with the ones above, but I decided not to. The song is by The Last Goodnight and I’ve grown to really love it. I think the lyrics fit the show perfectly. To watch it, you can click here or here.

B&S “Family Album” airs this week!

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“Brothers & Sisters: Family Album” recaps the exposed secrets, hilarious adventures and dramatic stories that made the series a breakout hit last season. Exclusive one-on-one interviews with the star-studded cast, including Sally Field, Rob Lowe and Calista Flockhart, as well as with the series executive producers, reveal the casts’ favorite moments, hilarious outtakes and sneak peeks at what’s in store for America’s most loved TV family in Season Two. The one-hour special airs SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Source: ABC

B&S S1 DVD Special Features

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I hope everyone who has gotten season 1 of Brothers & Sisters are enjoying their box set. I bought mine at Target and was able to get a bonus disc included. The disc basically has parts of the Q&A panel from the Paley Television Festival interlaced with particular scenes from the show, relating to what the cast member and/or crew has said before that scene played. Anyone who is interested in that can head on over to Target and get theirs that way, since it’s a store exclusive. If not, you can get it anywhere else. You don’t see Emily speak, though. I know from back then that she felt the others should talk more since they weren’t the newbie, aww. You can watch a video of her from the Q&A here if you wish.

I made screen captures of Emily from all the DVD extras. She wasn’t in them that much, especially the blooper one (she is only laughing in the background after Matthew Rhys accidentally falls LOL), but they are at least something. If you get a chance, listen to the audio commentary for “The Other Walker” because she’s in that! I absolutely loved it.

003 x DVD: Bloopers / Outtakes
077 x DVD: Behind the Scenes with the Brothers
056 x DVD: Creating the Walker Family Tree
009 x DVD: The Family Business
058 x Bonus DVD: The Museum of Television & Radio Q&A with Cast and Creative Team

The gallery has officially reached a milestone! It now holds over 25,000 photos.

Assorted Events / New Shoots

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Okay! I finally had time to catch up with the appearance images of Emily that I was missing and never added, some dating back to April. Yikes! Ones from her most recent public events have been added as well. The updates are as follows:

002 x 10th Annual Sonoma Valley Film Festival Gala
012 x 59th Primetime Emmy Awards – TV Guide After Party
023 x ABC Network’s 2007 UpFront
015 x “Brothers and Sisters” DVD Release Party
027 x Entertainment Weekly’s 5th Annual Emmys Celebration
006 x Entertainment Weekly 2007 Upfront Party
044 x Knocked Up Premiere
009 x Stanley Cup Playoff Kickoff Party

You can watch a video of Emily being interviewed by Michael Ausiello at that TV Guide event on this page. The video player is to your right hand side. Click “more videos” and scroll down the selection until you come across the one with Emily. Special thanks to ‘Tos from FF for pointing this out!

I also added two new photo shoots. One contains a set of 13 beautiful pictures (Credit: www.emilyvancamp.cc) and the other is an outtake from USA Today.

Lastly, majority of you probably know this by now (since it was almost a week ago) but Sally Field won the Emmy for “Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series” Sunday night. Congratulations to her! The B&S cast and crew must be so proud. I, as a fan, am too. I just wish they didn’t censor her…oh well.

B&S Season 1 DVD Release Party

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Emily has attended a new event! She went to the DVD release party for season 1 of Brothers and Sisters yesterday and so far I have added 26 MQ (medium quality) pictures to the gallery. Thanks to the always lovely Stephi for those! More on the way!

It may come as a surprise to some of you that Emily now has bangs, but not me. Don’t ask me how I knew she got them done, but I’ve grown used to the style by now and I like it.

Also, thanks to Bazooka Joe for pointing out that Access Hollywood has a video up on their site for the release party. It’s a little over 4 minutes long, with Emily coming in at about 2:38 left of the video, right after co-star Dave Annable.

On a last note, hopefully I will have scans from the September 17th – 23rd issue of TV Guide as well as today’s USA Today up sometime later this week.

B&S S2 Promos are here!

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I was going to add these last night, but I was too tired after a very, very long first day of college. I also have a headache that just won’t go away so I’m not feeling that great. Still, that won’t stop me from completely not updating the site! So, here are 3 beautiful new promotional pictures from season two of Brothers & Sisters for you guys! One is of the cast, and the others are solos of Emily. She looks sensational!

Also, I’m most likely going to buy Brothers & Sisters – The Complete First Season the day it comes out. I’ll have screen captures of Emily (if any) from the DVD features as soon as I get a chance to make them after that.

I’m going to remind everyone again that the season premiere is September 30th. I can’t believe it’s less than a month away! Yay!