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Everwood Goodies!

This big gallery update is a long time coming, I know. I had not added anything to the gallery since August (!!!). That is a really long time without anything new so I hope that this satisfies your Emily fixes!

I shall start with the Everwood updates. So I have finished capping all the season two episodes of Everwood that were in my posession. If I find more, I will definitely cap those for everyone as well. I have a few from season three that I haven’t capped yet but I’ll do those soon. Thanks for being so patient!

001 x 1×13 The Price Of Fame – WB Episode Still
001 x 1×14 Colin The Second – WB Episode Still
001 x 1×15 Snow Job – Episode Still *new*
411 x 2×17 Unfinished Business – Screen Captures
194 x 2×18 Last Looks – Screen Captures
223 x 2×19 Sick – Screen Captures
382 x 2×20 Do Or Die – Screen Captures
361 x 2×21 Your Future Awaits – Screen Captures
004 x 4×16 Truth – Episode Stills *re-added*
001 x S3 Promotional Image *re-added*
008 x S4 Episode Stills – Other
001 x Last Day Of Taping


Well, sort of. The new layout, features, and everything will be launched sometime in the next few months. The re-vamp is nothing big or anything (the layout style and coding is still similar) but for now, the site is back again!

I have upgraded to the newest version of CuteNews so all the old news from the past few years have been lost. Ah, well. I have also upgraded Coppermine awhile back and finally created a brand new layout for the gallery last week, which you can check out by clicking here. All gallery updates I have made will be posted later on.

Lots of Emily news have come up since the hiatus! If you guys didn’t know by now, she has gotten the role of Rebecca in the new drama, Brothers & Sisters. Remember back in the summer when I mentioned how Berlanti and her may be pairing up again? Well, it’s finally happened! Can you believe she didn’t even have to audition for the role? It just goes to show that Berlanti knows this girl is insanely talented. Anyway, the great thing is that Emily will be on the show for a few years as she is officially a series regular. How exciting!

In other Emily news, she will appear in an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU. NEXT WEEK, to be exact! I’m very sorry for the short notice but I hope that people still check the site from time to time and get the news so they’ll be able to watch the episode when it airs on TV. If not, I’ll try my best to make clips. I watched the end of Law & Order: SVU last night just to see if she would be in the trailer in next week’s previews but she wasn’t. Still, I’m so excited to see her on screen again!

I know that Emily has probably poked some interest and has gained some new fans due to the fact that ABC Family ran the entire four seasons of Everwood on their network. Unfortunately, the last episodes of the show finished airing earlier this week and they are back to showing 7th Hell Heaven on that timeslot. I’m not sure what the status is with Everwood on VisionTV (Canada) but if I find out, I’ll let you know!

As a final note, I must say that I’m very glad to be back and working again! I’ve missed keeping you guys updated on Emily but now I finally can. See you soon!