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Can’t wait until this Sunday to watch Emily on Brothers & Sisters? Head on over to the official ABC site for the show right now! (If you don’t want to be spoiled, just don’t click the link!) They have a sneak peek of Sunday’s episode and Emily is the clip! Now I’m not sure if that is the only scene she appears in this week since I heard she showed up at the end but in that clip, there is a scene with the Walker family right after her scene… I don’t know, we’ll see what happens! Only a few days to go, people!

Continuing with this Brothers & Sisters update now! I added two new scans, one from the Feb 5 – 11 issue and the other from Feb 12 – 18. Both from TV Guide. Also, 5 episode stills from “The Other Walker” (airs March 4th, there is NO new episode February 25th because the Oscars are on!) have been added too. Yes, I decided to include the still which only shows the back of her head.

Law & Order: SVU

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267 screen captures of Emily from her guest appearance on this past week’s Law & Order: SVU have been added to the gallery.

I was very impressed with Em’s performance in this episode. She knocked it right out of the ballpark and played the character of Charlotte dead on. Oh and to those of you who are looking at the screen captures and wondering – no, she wasn’t the killer and no, she didn’t die. (it may seem that way because she is lying in a hospital bed)

Missed the episode? No need to worry clips should be up sometime this weekend!


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Hey, visitors! Some of you may have noticed that the four year anniversary (2/11/03 – 2/11/07) update I added last night is no longer here. That’s because the site was moved to a new server and it was lost. No worries, though! The moment has passed and now it’s time to move on to bigger and more important things. I’m letting everyone know that Emily’s appearance on Law & Order: SVU is tomorrow night and her first appearance on Brothers & Sisters will be this upcoming Sunday! So this will be a very great week for all you EVC fans.

Here is a description of the episode airing tomorrow, Tuesday, February 13th at 10/9c on NBC. (Canadians can watch the episode at 10 PM on CTV.)

MOB LAWYER (GUEST STAR CARY ELWES) AND HIS FAMILY ARE BRUTALLY ATTACKED LEAVING A YOUNG BOY AS THE SOLE WITNESS — Mob lawyer Sidney Truex (guest star Cary Elwes, “The Princess Bride”) and his wife are brutally attacked, leaving his young son emotionally scarred. When the Detectives have to locate the Truexs’ daughter, Charlotte (guest star Emily VanCamp), to notify her about the attack on her parents, Detectives Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Chris Meloni) find Charlotte at her boyfriend Ryan’s (Justin Klosky) apartment. Through an exhaustive interview process, the Detectives must sort through the web of lies Charlotte has told in order to piece together a night of drinking and drugs leaving Charlotte unable to recall details of the evening. However, her father comes out of surgery and is able to vividly remember his daughter at the crime scene. The disturbing case takes another turn as Stabler is brought up on charges of excessive force after getting into a very serious altercation with Ryan. Dann Florek, Diane Neal, B.D. Wong, and Tamara Tunie also star.

Don’t forget to watch it! If not, TiVo it or something! You don’t want to miss this!!! It’ll be a very intense and emotional episode, I think. I’m so excited! Screen captures and clips will come later this week, everyone!


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Indulge me while I do something completely out of character: Toot my own horn. As you know, back in August I publicly pressured Brothers & Sisters executive producer Greg Berlanti to cast his former Everwood ingenue Emily VanCamp in the pivotal role of Rebecca, the 20-year-old byproduct of Holly’s affair with Nora’s late hubby, William. Jump ahead five months and guess who was just tapped to play Rebecca? That’s right — Emily freakin’ VanCamp! “The truth is, you do deserve some credit,” Berlanti concedes. “The candlelight vigil you’ve had for her in this role really made a difference.” Of course, it’d be disingenuous for me to not point out that VanCamp — who makes her debut on Feb. 18 — also had the support of some other influential players, namely Berlanti, fellow executive producer Ken Olin, and VanCamp’s TV mom, Patricia Wettig. “Patty is over the moon,” declares Olin of his real-life wife and colleague. “She loves her.” So how’s the woman at the center of this lovefest feeling about all this attention (read: pressure)? Let’s ask her!

Ausiello: Congratulations! Are you psyched?
Emily VanCamp: I am. It’s been so crazy. It all happened in one day, so I haven’t really had time to wrap my head around it. But it’s so exciting.

Ausiello: You were in the running, out of the running, back in the running, and then you got it. What the heck happened?
VanCamp: There was talk about it a couple of months ago, first in your column [Laughs], and then I heard it from some other people. But nothing ever was set in stone. There was never a real offer on the table, so I kind of put it out of my mind. And then it all just came together at the last minute, which is how things typically happen for me.

Ausiello: Did you have to audition?
VanCamp: No, [which] was incredibly flattering. Greg and I obviously worked together for four years on Everwood, so he has a really good sense of who I am and what I have to offer. I think he had confidence that I would fit in well.

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Emily VanCamp (“Everwood”) will join the cast of the hit drama series “Brothers & Sisters” as a series regular later this season in her second time teaming with executive producer Greg Berlanti. VanCamp will play Rebecca Harper, the daughter of William Walker (Tom Skerritt) and mistress Holly Harper (Patricia Wettig), whose existence has been kept secret for twenty years. The series airs Sundays (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

The cast of “Brothers & Sisters” also includes Calista Flockhart as Kitty, Rachel Griffiths as Sarah, Sally Field as Nora Holden, Ron Rifkin as Saul Holden, Patricia Wettig as Holly, Balthazar Getty as Thomas, Dave Annable as Justin, Matthew Rhys as Kevin, John Pyper-Ferguson as Joe, Sarah Jane Morris as Julia and Kerris Lilla Dorsey as Paige.

Ken Olin (“Alias,” “thirtysomething”), Jon Robin Baitz (“The Substance of Fire,” “The West Wing”) and Greg Berlanti (“Everwood”) are executive producers. The series is produced by Touchstone Television.

Source: ABC

For those of you who have not seen Brothers & Sisters, I highly recommend that you watch it. I only started watching the show because I knew Emily got the part but even if she didn’t get it, I think I would’ve continued watching anyway. It’s really good! You can watch all the episodes that have aired so far (13) for free over at abc.com. The downside is that this feature is ONLY available to people in the U.S., so my apologies to fans everywhere else but hopefully the show will start to broadcast in your area soon!

I have added three episode stills from the episode where she makes her first appearance, entitled “Love Is Difficult”. It will air in a few weeks. She looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Mark your calendars! Emily will appear at the very end of her first episode of B&S!

FEB 18TH – “Love Is Difficult”
Sunday at 10/9c

Events / Etc

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Here’s gallery update part two! I’m fully aware that Emily is in none of the movie posters but I thought it’d be nice to include them in the gallery anyway.

009 x 2002 – The WB Network’s 2002 All Star Party
004 x 2005 – Outside Ed Sullivan Theater
007 x 2006 – Cinevegas – Opening Night Film “Strangers With Candy”
036 x 2006 – Xbox 360 “Gears of War” Launch Party
002 x The Ring Two – Movie Posters
001 x Rings – Movie Posters
006 x A Different Loyalty – Movie Posters
004 x No Good Deed – Movie Posters
001 x Redeemer – Movie Posters
004 x Lost & Delirious – Movie Posters
002 x Glory Days – Episode Stills *RARE! Please do not take!*
005 x WB Farewell Commercial (Thanks to Drea for the video)

Everwood Goodies!

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This big gallery update is a long time coming, I know. I had not added anything to the gallery since August (!!!). That is a really long time without anything new so I hope that this satisfies your Emily fixes!

I shall start with the Everwood updates. So I have finished capping all the season two episodes of Everwood that were in my posession. If I find more, I will definitely cap those for everyone as well. I have a few from season three that I haven’t capped yet but I’ll do those soon. Thanks for being so patient!

001 x 1×13 The Price Of Fame – WB Episode Still
001 x 1×14 Colin The Second – WB Episode Still
001 x 1×15 Snow Job – Episode Still *new*
411 x 2×17 Unfinished Business – Screen Captures
194 x 2×18 Last Looks – Screen Captures
223 x 2×19 Sick – Screen Captures
382 x 2×20 Do Or Die – Screen Captures
361 x 2×21 Your Future Awaits – Screen Captures
004 x 4×16 Truth – Episode Stills *re-added*
001 x S3 Promotional Image *re-added*
008 x S4 Episode Stills – Other
001 x Last Day Of Taping


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Well, sort of. The new layout, features, and everything will be launched sometime in the next few months. The re-vamp is nothing big or anything (the layout style and coding is still similar) but for now, the site is back again!

I have upgraded to the newest version of CuteNews so all the old news from the past few years have been lost. Ah, well. I have also upgraded Coppermine awhile back and finally created a brand new layout for the gallery last week, which you can check out by clicking here. All gallery updates I have made will be posted later on.

Lots of Emily news have come up since the hiatus! If you guys didn’t know by now, she has gotten the role of Rebecca in the new drama, Brothers & Sisters. Remember back in the summer when I mentioned how Berlanti and her may be pairing up again? Well, it’s finally happened! Can you believe she didn’t even have to audition for the role? It just goes to show that Berlanti knows this girl is insanely talented. Anyway, the great thing is that Emily will be on the show for a few years as she is officially a series regular. How exciting!

In other Emily news, she will appear in an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU. NEXT WEEK, to be exact! I’m very sorry for the short notice but I hope that people still check the site from time to time and get the news so they’ll be able to watch the episode when it airs on TV. If not, I’ll try my best to make clips. I watched the end of Law & Order: SVU last night just to see if she would be in the trailer in next week’s previews but she wasn’t. Still, I’m so excited to see her on screen again!

I know that Emily has probably poked some interest and has gained some new fans due to the fact that ABC Family ran the entire four seasons of Everwood on their network. Unfortunately, the last episodes of the show finished airing earlier this week and they are back to showing 7th Hell Heaven on that timeslot. I’m not sure what the status is with Everwood on VisionTV (Canada) but if I find out, I’ll let you know!

As a final note, I must say that I’m very glad to be back and working again! I’ve missed keeping you guys updated on Emily but now I finally can. See you soon!