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Marvel’s “Girls Reforming the Future” Program

You can watch Emily and co-star from Captain America: Civil War, Elizabeth Olsen, introduce a new program by Marvel for young girl scientists. For more information on the program, visit captainamericachallenge.com. Plus not even a day later (since the second trailer came out yesterday) and we have gotten our wish! First footage of Emily as Sharon Carter / Agent 13! Both can be found in the video below.

Marvel Studios is increasing their girlpower on the big screen, and behind the scenes they’re looking for some talented science-loving youngsters as well.

Marvel’s partnering with the National Academy of Sciences’ Science & Entertainment Exchange for a program where girls 15-18, and in grades 10-12, can submit projects they feel can change the world with a short video that demonstrates their idea and explains its far-reaching potential.

In conjunction with the release of Captain America: Civil War May 6, “Girls Reforming the Future Challenge” is geared toward female applicants who are interested in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) projects and share the same goals as the Avengers on screen: “the commitment to safeguard humanity, protect the earth at all costs and make the world a better place for future generations,” says Civil War star Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Scarlet Witch and hosts an exclusive introduction video with Emily VanCamp.

Five finalists will be picked to travel to California to present their projects to a panel of experts, and they’ll also receive an invitation to hit the red carpet at the Civil War world premiere at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre April 12, a tour of Walt Disney Studios and a $500 saving account from Synchrony Bank.

In addition, one girl will be selected for the grand prize: an internship at Marvel Studios.

“I’m really excited to meet these exceptional young women who have STEM backgrounds and who maybe also want to be part of more of a creative- and science-based world,” Olsen says. “And Marvel’s a perfect place for that.”

Entries will be accepted through March 26. For applications and more information about the program, visit CaptainAmericaChallenge.com.

Source: USA Today

Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2

The second trailer for Captain America: Civil War is here! Emily is notably missing so I’m thinking that they are saving her moments for the movie. We still don’t know how big a role she plays in the film but if merchandising is any indication, it is potentially quite important. There is still some time before the movie is slated to release so maybe we’ll see her if they release any more new footage.

Agent 13 Toon Tumbler Pint Glass available for Pre-Order

On Entertainment Earth, you can now pre-order the Captain America: Civil War Agent 13 Toon Tumbler Pint Glass. It is slated to release in April and will go for $9.99. Thanks to my friend Krystal for giving me the heads up on this.

Fight your thirst with this Captain America: Civil War Agent 13 Toon Tumbler Pint Glass. This colorful 16 oz. Tumbler features Sharon Carter as Agent 13 and Captain America’s iconic shield in the background. Pick your side or collect the whole team from the film Captain America Civil: War today! Hand wash only. Not dishwasher safe.. Measures approximately 5 3/4-inches.

Brand New “Captain America: Civil War” Still

Today, Empire released a brand new image from Captain America: Civil War with Emily and Martin Freeman. Their April issue has a cover story on the film and will be on newsstands starting February 25th.

Source: Empire Magazine

“Captain America: Civil War” Merchandise & Images

Second part of my update (scroll down to see the first one below) and it’s a big Captain America: Civil War one!

As previously reported, Funko has made an Agent 13 Pop vinyl bobble-head figure (Marvel Pops are bobble-heads because of the licensing agreement). Since that report, a bunch of new merchandise has been announced which is very exciting! I will list the ones I know of so far below and update you guys with any news. I tend to update the site’s Twitter (@evancampcom) more than I update the main site page so please be sure to follow if you haven’t already! 😉

1. Agent 13 Pop vinyl bobble-head figure (Funko)
2. Agent 13 Mystery Mini from Captain America: Civil War set (Funko)
3. Agent 13 2 inch Minimate figure (part of a 2-pack with an “evil thug”, Toys “R” US exclusive – Diamond Select Toys)
4. Agent 13 3.75 inch figure (part of a 2-pack with Black Panther, Toys “R” US exclusive – Hasbro)
5. Agent 13 Lego figure from Super Hero Airport Battle (Huge set with 7 other characters – Lego) * Blurred this one because the entire set is a huge spoiler and I don’t want people to get upset with me but if you google the name of the set, you can see the image yourself)

There aren’t concrete release dates for these (except for the Lego set which is March 1st) since retailers get their items at different times but you should be able to find these in the next few months! The Funko items (#1 and #2) can be found in stores like Hot Topic and Gamestop (to name a few) or your local comic book stores.

Not included in the list above is a Team Captain America lunchbox and Team Captain America water bottle that I found images of online. Not sure what stores will have these yet but I expect a wide release. Emily is on both of these.

I also finally updated the gallery a bit and added all the Captain America: Civil War photos that have surfaced thus far (mostly promo art).

TGITB DVD out 2/23 & Netflix plus HD Screen Captures

Hi everyone. A lot to report since my last update so I’ll split it into two separate ones. First, involving everything to do with The Girl in the Book. The DVD will be available to purchase on February 23rd, so in just a few days time! Here is Amazon purchase link. No word on whether or not there will be DVD extras and please keep in mind that the DVD is Region 1 (US and Canada) only.

Also, for those who prefer streaming, the film is now officially available to watch on NETFLIX. If you can’t watch it in your country/region yet, hopefully you will be able to soon. If you’re logged into Netflix, search for Emily’s name, the film title, or just click here and it should come up.

And last but not least, I made 2,115 HD screen captures of Emily from The Girl in the Book and added them to the gallery. There are so many because Emily is in almost every scene. I also added new promo ads, behind the scenes images, and production stills from the film. You can check all that out here. Happy viewing!

Coming soon! Agent 13 Funko Pop!

Happy New Year, guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. This year we get to look forward to Emily reprising her role in the Marvel cinematic universe and I’m sure you’re all just as excited as me to see that come May.

Just announced! Funko has made a vinyl figure of Emily’s character from Captain America: Civil War, Agent 13, in their Pop! Line for the movie! This is super exciting because to my knowledge, this is the first merchandising of any character Emily has played in a figure/collectible form. As a collector of Pops myself, this is a dream come true. Check her out below!

You can pre-order her already at Entertainment Earth. She should be in stores in the next few months!

Emily Talks “Civil War” and “The Girl In The Book”, Film Clips

Here is an interview with ET that Emily did last week. She talks first about Captain America: Civil War then at the end mentions about The Girl in the Book. The interview says her character fights with Scarlet Witch but if you know about the sides, you know that doesn’t make sense. Other people have mentioned this also but their and my belief is that Emily was talking about Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow.

And here are two clips from the film (one from ET and the other from Hulu). I got the chance to see the film in theaters over the weekend and it was absolutely incredible. If you want to, you have until this Thursday in these participating theaters to do so. To check movie times, click on this Fandango link then choose “Movie Times + Tickets”. Please go out and support the film! If it’s not playing near you, you can buy or rent the movie in a variety of platforms including iTunes.