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Emily VanCamp Online – 20th Anniversary

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20 years ago today, I started what I thought would be a small tribute website to the actress Emily VanCamp. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that two whole decades later, the site would still be standing strong and tall. Not only that, but I’m immensely delighted to say it’s the longest running and largest fansite out there on the internet for the lovely Emily.

Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way! I couldn’t have done it without you. Literally. This goes for all my past co-webs, people who have donated pictures/media, those who have sent me news, friends who gave constant words of encouragement and everyone in between. I’m so thankful for you all.

Em, the second I saw you on my screen all those years ago I knew you were something special. I was young, but I just knew. You’re a rare and incredible talent and a true gem of a human being. I’m so lucky and honored to be a fan of yours. I’m tremendously proud of all the work you have done in film and television. Keep killing it! I’ll always be looking forward to what comes next for you. You’ve had my support since the very beginning and you will always have it. ♥

20 years. It’s felt both like forever and also like no time has passed at all. I’m incredibly humbled by the support I’ve gotten over the many years the site has been online. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for visiting and being a fan of Emily just like myself. I’m so happy that I can still bring you all the latest Emily news this many years later. I feel like I say this every year but it continues to ring true: here’s to many more years to come! Not going anywhere anytime soon, that’s for sure.

Also! I’m reposting this Emily message where she mentioned the 20 years (the video was recorded back in 2021 so the anniversary obviously had not happened yet). Appropriate day to show this again, no? For those curious, this was made possible by the Revenge Reunion add-ons a few years back. Thank you so much again for this, Em ♥