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‘Revenge’ 1.06 & 1.07 Stills + 1.05 Promo & New Article

Some new HQ stills from ‘Revenge’ are up in the gallery. I actually added them last week, I just completely forgot to post an update about them. There are two new additional stills from episode 1×06 and stills from episode 1×07. 002 x ‘Revenge’ 1×06: ‘Intrigue’ HQ Episode Stills 005 x ‘Revenge’ 1×07: ‘Charade’ HQ Episode Stills You can watch

New Radio Interview, TCA Video, ‘Revenge’ Sneak Peek & Article

Hey, all! New ‘Revenge’ tonight! Are you excited? I’ve got a slew of things to update on today. First of all, Emily did another short radio interview this week, which you can listen to below. A new video from the TCA was also posted online yesterday. Check it out: And you can also watch a short sneak peek of tonight’s

Emily on L.A. Morning News Show + New Article

Emily appeared on a morning news show in Los Angeles today to talk a little bit about ‘Revenge’ and ‘Norman.’ You can watch the whole interview below. A new article about ‘Revenge’ getting picked up for a full season with some quotes from Emily was also published today. Check it out: Emily VanCamp Loves That You Love ‘Revenge’ By: Jarett

‘Revenge’ Picked Up for Full Season! + Us Weekly Scan & Q&A

According to TVLine, ABC has officially ordered a full 22 episode season of Revenge! This was on the heels of the show winning it’s timeslot in the coveted 18-49 demo last night. Hopefully the show will keep it up and we’ll get another full season next fall. I don’t know about you guys, but I think it just keeps getting

‘Revenge’ Sneak Peek + New Q&A Interviews with Emily

You can watch a short sneak peek of tonight’s all new episode of ‘Revenge’ below! Also, a bunch of new interviews with Emily have been published around the net today. Check out three Q&A interviews and an article with some quotes from Em. ‘Revenge’ Star Emily VanCamp Talks Wanting a Polygamist Love Triangle & a ‘Dexter’ Crossover By: Maggie Furlong

New E! Online Video + Promo for Next Week’s ‘Revenge’

Hey guys! Did everyone enjoy last night’s episode of Revenge? I am loving this show so much! Definitely my fall favorite. Anyway, here is a new video interview with Emily on Revenge, conducted by E! Online. She teases about what is coming up on the show. The video starts off with an interview with Madeleine Stowe first though, so Emily’s

Your ‘Revenge’ Checklist + Video Interviews & Two More Q&As

Hey, guys! Is everybody ready for the premiere tonight?!? 😉 After months of anticipation, the night has finally arrived! So much publicity lately, wouldn’t you agree? I’m even seeing Revenge ads on the site itself here! Anyway, to help you get ready for tonight’s premiere, I am adding more things for you guys to remember to do. This is more

Get Ready for ‘Revenge’ & Interviews Galore!

As I’m sure you all know, Revenge premieres tonight! In preparation for the premiere, a slew of new interviews with Emily, both written and video, have been published in the last few days. But before I get to those, if you want to prepare yourself fo the ‘Revenge’ premiere, check out our ‘Revenge’ page in the video archive to watch