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Go Behind the Scenes…with the Women of Marvel

Marvel’s heroines are gearing up for some serious action in Captain America: Civil War, and now the film’s biggest stars are giving a sneak peek into their evolving roles. In this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the film, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen and Emily VanCamp explain where their characters are in the latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. … VanCamp’s

New CA: CW BTS Video + Upcoming Events

A new behind the scenes video from Captain America: Civil War has surfaced from Good Morning America. You can watch it below. Emily appears at the 1:50 mark. Also, some upcoming events! Promo for the film will start soon. All this may not apply to Emily but I thought some of you may want to know anyway. It’s about to

More Video Interviews from the CSAs

There are 3 videos. Please turn your AdBlock off in order to watch them all

New Emily Interview from the Canadian Screen Awards

Emily attended her first event in months last night: The Canadian Screen Awards. She was a presenter for the Best Actor Award. I unfortunately have a very busy week ahead of me so I will not be able to update the site with pictures until later this week. For now, here is a video interview Emily did last night on

Emily to Present at the Canadian Screen Awards 3/13

A bit late posting this so I apologize but Emily will be a presenter at the Canadian Screen Awards tomorrow night at 8 PM EST on CBC. Please remember that Daylight Savings Time is in effect Sunday so if you get the channel the awards are on (CBC), make sure you record it at the right time for your timezone.

Marvel’s “Girls Reforming the Future” Program

You can watch Emily and co-star from Captain America: Civil War, Elizabeth Olsen, introduce a new program by Marvel for young girl scientists. For more information on the program, visit captainamericachallenge.com. Plus not even a day later (since the second trailer came out yesterday) and we have gotten our wish! First footage of Emily as Sharon Carter / Agent 13!

Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2

The second trailer for Captain America: Civil War is here! Emily is notably missing so I’m thinking that they are saving her moments for the movie. We still don’t know how big a role she plays in the film but if merchandising is any indication, it is potentially quite important. There is still some time before the movie is slated

Agent 13 Toon Tumbler Pint Glass available for Pre-Order

On Entertainment Earth, you can now pre-order the Captain America: Civil War Agent 13 Toon Tumbler Pint Glass. It is slated to release in April and will go for $9.99. Thanks to my friend Krystal for giving me the heads up on this. Fight your thirst with this Captain America: Civil War Agent 13 Toon Tumbler Pint Glass. This colorful