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New Nylon Scan + Help Out ‘Norman’ !

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So I’ve been anxiously waiting for the Nylon September TV Issue to come out ever since Emily tweeted about a shoot for them in mid-July to promote Revenge. Sure enough, the time has come and our girl is definitely featured in the issue. For those of you looking to buy the magazine, Christina Ricci is the cover girl. You can check out the scan in the gallery! I also added a Revenge clipping from the September 5th issue of OK Magazine as well. One of these days I’ll finish reorganizing the magazine section in the gallery 😉

Onto some more Norman news now. The film has started their own project over at Kickstarter to raise awareness about the important message of the film. However, they need our help in order to do so! For as little as $1, you can help the promotion process along. Each pledge amount has different incentives that you can receive as a thank you for your support. Please do consider pledging your support to the cause! Click on the banner to your above right to go to the project page.

Did you know suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for Americans 18-24 years old!? The Norman Project is raising awareness and amplifying the conversation about teen depression. We will be working hand in hand with the cast and other partners to promote the film and its important message. Although we’ve received critical acclaim and have won multiple festival awards, as an independent film, we need extra fuel to start the marketing fires to drive people to the theaters. The film is a first step in a broader effort to inspire conversations about a difficult subject that is too often ignored. We need your help to push this story into the mainstream dialogue!

Also, if you’d like Norman to play in your city, make sure you demand it. Every bit helps!

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  1. ForVanAngel August 29, 2011 | 6:25 am |

    Hi. Thanks for the scans, always nice to see some reports about Emily, especially with her upcoming show. I think we all are so happy that she became an actress instead of being a ballerina, everybody who has seen the wonderful Black Swan movie will agree that it is tough as hell, I don’t want Emily to work that hard. 😉 She seems to have a lot of fun acting, and we get to see her in the media once in a while – a win-win situation. The character Emily Thorne will also be very interesting (could be her most interesting character besides Amy Abbott), it has two sides to it, so Emily can switch between the nice girl she is and the evil twin. Also liked the short character describtion, cos I never knew what role those 3 men would play. Nolan sounds really interesting, cos he’s the only one who knows.

    I am very excited, only one month left, hate when they spell her name wrong. 😉

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