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New ‘Revenge’ Videos + Gallery Update

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Hello, everyone! Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve updated; I’ve been quite busy. But I’m back with some new shiny things! First off, here’s a Revenge commentary video featuring Em that was released earlier this week:

Second, a new Revenge trailer called “Welcome to the Hamptons!” has also surfaced. It is very similar to the minute long one we’ve already seen in the past but this one has some new scenes and Emily beach promo shots edited in:

Third, here is a 15 second Revenge tv spot:

Last but not least, a new sneak peek from the Revenge pilot! This is a small party scene and naturally, a spoiler. If you want to wait for the premiere on September 21st, don’t watch this 😉 If you can’t, however, then by all means click to see Emily in action! Enjoy!

Screen captures from the videos above (except for the party scene) have been added to the gallery, as well as caps from Emily’s Access Hollywood Dish of Salt Interview from earlier this month.