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Emily & Kristin Kreuk

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Kristin Kreuk, who is starring alongside Emily in the upcoming Ben Hur remake, has posted a new blog entry on girlsbydesign.com about her experiences filming in Morocco. Seems Emily made quite a positive impression on her, as Kristin posted some really sweet things about Em and is even interested in getting Emily to take part in the GBD site! I, for one, think that would be really cool. Anyways, here’s what Kristin had to say about Emily:

“Emily VanCamp is probably the most intelligent and interesting young actress I have met… She is 23 and has what I think is rare in us young folk… actually it is just rare period… She is actively interested in responsibility and accountability! I love that.” And also: “For GBD I really love Emily VanCamp. I want to get Emily to do the Sexy 7 as well as some other stuff… What are your thoughts? She is really a great example of strength and femininity. There is a grace about her and a commitment to humanitarian endeavors and acting that is really inspirational. I hope you all get to know her better.”

She also posted a cute little pic of herself and Emily, which I added to the gallery. Click here to see.