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New ‘Ben Hur’ Still + ‘Norman’ Screening in Bahamas

A new still from Ben Hur has been added to the gallery. Still no word from ABC on when they plan to air the mini series. Rumor was they were going to air it around Christmastime, but they’ve made no mention of it yet… 001 x Ben Hur: Production Still Also, Norman is scheduled to screen at the ‘Bahamas International

‘Ben Hur’ Part Two Screen Captures

Screen caps from part two of Ben Hur have been added to the gallery. Lots of Emily in this half! 640 x ‘Ben Hur’ (Part 2): Screen Captures

‘Ben Hur’ Part One Caps + ‘B&S’ HD Caps + New Video Interview

Another big update today. First of all, screen captures from part one of Ben Hur have been added to the gallery! Part two aired tonight in Canada. Expect screen caps from that later in the week. Hopefully I’ll be able to make HD caps once the mini-series airs in the US, but until then, enjoy! 😉 210 x ‘Ben Hur’

‘The Hour’ Screen Caps + ‘Ben Hur’ News + GYT Campaign

Screen captures of Emily’s appearance on ‘The Hour’ have been added to the gallery. If you missed the interview when we first posted it, just scroll down and you’ll find the video. 😉 098 x Emily on ‘The Hour’ (4/01/2010) Screen Captures So, after some digging, I found a little info about a possible US airdate for Ben Hur, but

Big ‘Ben Hur’ Update + ‘B & S’ Sneak Peek

Pretty big update today, so bear with me. I’ve got a little Brothers & Sisters stuff and A LOT of Ben Hur stuff. First, some new Ben Hur promotional photos have been added to the gallery. 002 x ‘Ben Hur” Promotional Photos Second is an excerpt from yet another online article about Emily’s experiences filming Ben Hur: “The miniseries was

Emily on ‘The Hour’ + ‘Ben Hur’ Review

Emily was a guest on the Canadian late-night talkshow ‘The Hour’ yesterday! She was there to promote the upcoming Ben Hur mini-series, which, as you guys probably know by now, is premiering exclusively in Canada this Sunday on CBC. You can watch the entire interview below! TV Guide Canada also released a review of the mini-series, which you can read

New ‘Ben Hur’ Article/Interview with Emily

The Canadian Press has released an article/interview with Emily about Ben Hur, which, as we reported previously, is premiering in Canada this Sunday, April 4 on CBC: Ontario-born actress Emily VanCamp stars in retelling of ‘Ben Hur’ By Bill Brioux, THE CANADIAN PRESS There’s an old joke about a review of “Ben Hur” that goes like this: “Loved Ben, hated

‘Ben Hur’ Behind-the-Scenes Photo and News

A new behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Ben Hur has been added to the gallery. There’s also the news that the mini-series has received an airdate for Canada. It will air on April 4th and 11th on CBC. Meanwhile, there has still been no word from ABC about when they plan to air the mini-series in the U.S.A. But

‘Ben Hur’ Posters + B&S Behind the Scenes Photos

Two new promotional posters for the upcoming Ben Hur mini-series have been added to the gallery. I also added some HQ behind-the-scenes photos from the first season of Brothers & Sisters. 002 x ‘Ben Hur’ Promotional Posters 003 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ Season One Behind-the-Scenes Photos

‘Ben Hur’ Preview Video

A short preview video containing various scenes from Ben Hur has surfaced online. If you remember, there was a similar trailer floating around the net a few months ago. This new video includes many of the same scenes, but also contains a few new ones. Check it out below!