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ABC released official promotional pictures today for season 3 of Brothers & Sisters, which is scheduled to premiere on September 28 in the U.S. I’ve added Emily’s promo picture and the full cast promo picture to the gallery. I also added screen captures for the final episodes of season 2, which were missing from the gallery until now, and also all of the episode stills featuring Emily from season 2 as well. Basically I just wanted to get the gallery up to date before season 3 begins.

002 x Season 3 Promo Pictures
018 x Season 2 Epsiode Stills
233 x 2×10 ‘The Feast of the Epiphany’ Screen Caps
104 x 2×11 ‘The Missionary Imposition’ Screen Caps
136 x 2×12 ‘Compromises’ Screen Caps
393 x 2×14 ‘Double Negative’ Screen Caps
261 x 2×15 ‘Moral Hazard’ Screen Caps
215 x 2×16 ‘Prior Commitments’ Screen Caps