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HQ 2004 and 2005 Event Photos

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I made a pretty big update to the gallery today, with a whole boatload of new HQ photos from various events Emily attended back in 2004 and 2005. A lot of the events were not featured in the gallery until now and are marked below with *NEW*.

2004 Events
005 x Mercedes-Benz Spring 2005 Fashion Week
042 x 13th Annual Music Video Production Association Awards

2004 Sundance Film Festival
011 x 7 For All Mankind Jeans House *NEW*
007 x Motorola Lodge *NEW*
008 x Levi’s House *NEW*
004 x Blender Sessions *NEW*

2005 Events
012 x Outside Ed Sullivan Theater
012 x The WB Television Network’s 2005 All Star Party

2005 Sundance Film Festival
008 x Village at the Lift
012 x Fred Segal Boutique *NEW*
002 x Philips at Village at the Lift *NEW*
018 x UPP Hot House *NEW*