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Emily’s Last Episodes of ‘Brothers & Sisters’

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As I’m sure most of you already know, Emily will be leaving Brothers & Sisters next season. If you somehow didn’t know that yet, you can read all about it here. Anyways, Kristin at E! Online has reported that Emily will appear in episodes three and four of the upcoming fifth season, which obviously means she will not be in the first two episodes of the season. Not surprising, since Em was still shooting Let Them Shine when they were shooting the premiere. By my calculation, Emily’s episodes will air on October 10th and 17th, with the episode on the 17th being her last in the series.

Website Zap2it.com also posted an interesting article today about Emily’s impending departure from the show. WARNING: The article contains some spoilers about the upcoming season!

‘Brothers & Sisters’: How Emily VanCamp will depart the show
By: Jethro Nededog

Fans were caught by surprise when news broke that Emily VanCamp is leaving “Brothers & Sisters.” The good news is that unlike Balthazar Getty, VanCamp will return for a couple episodes to wrap up Rebecca’s storyline.

“I think that what we are going to do is send Rebecca off in a very fitting and appropriate way that honors who she has been to us,” executive producer David Marshall Grant tells Zap2it.

After the one-year time jump, we’ll return to find Rebecca and Justin’s (played by Dave Annable) relationship in a rocky place according to Grant. Viewers will remember that Justin wanted to do medical work in Haiti for a year. Rebecca felt that it was too early in their marriage to be apart for such a long time. Guess what? Justin went.

“So, I think when [Justin] comes back we find their marriage in a very problematic place,” Grant tells us. “And I think we’re going to watch Rebecca and Justin come to terms with how to move on from each other.”

Fans have worried about how VanCamp’s departure will affect Patricia Wettig’s (who plays Rebecca’s mom, Holly) status on the show, as well. There have been reports that Holly will lose her memory, which may make it easier to get over Rebecca’s departure, right? At any rate, Grant says that Rebecca’s story with her mother will be dealt with, as well.

“I think that [Rebecca’s] arc when she comes on the show is going to involve not just her relationship with Justin and how that ends but also her relationship with her mother,” he says. “So I think that is a big couple of episodes for Rebecca where she has to make peace with her mom.”