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If you want to send us a tip about Emily appearing in a magazine, submit images/scans/other media, or you just have a general question/inquiry about the site, email us at webmaster@evancamp.com! We’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also send us a tweet over at @evancampcom.

If you are contacting us in regards to possible affiliation, please note that we will NOT under any circumstances link to a website/fansite that posts paparazzi photos of Emily’s personal life (ie pictures of her out shopping etc). It’s nothing personal, we simply believe pictures of this nature to be an invasion of her privacy and that Emily would definitely not want us to post them. Candid pictures of her on set at work or arriving to events we have no problem with. Anything else and we will not consider affiliating. Same goes for any websites that post relationship gossip or information about her personal life. Thank you for understanding.