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Monte Carlo Candids + GYT Caps + More ‘Norman’ Praise

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Some new candids of Emily outside at the Monte Carlo Television Festival have been added to the gallery. I also made some screen captures from the two ‘Get Yourself Tested’ PSA videos.

004 x Outside at the Monte Carlo TV Festival (06/08/2010)

022 x Screen Captures: ‘Get Yourself Tested’ National Campaign

And I also have an excerpt from another article with reviews of films that screened at the Waterfront Film Festival a few weeks ago. Once again the reviewer heaps praise on Norman.

Take 5 on Film: Waterfront Film Festival

By: Ryan Wilson

“…But no film quite moved me at the festival the way that ‘Norman’ did. The title character is Norman, who is wiser than his years in high school. He’s gotten this way by losing his mother in a car crash, as well as by taking care of his father who is dying of stomach cancer. Yet at school he’s a misfit, and one day he lies and tells his classmates that he is the one dying of stomach cancer. He even goes so far as to shave his head to carry on the act after he gains affection from the lie. There are some disturbing scenes in ‘Norman,’ but what hit me was how emotionally powerful the film is concerning Norman’s relationship with his father and his relationship with a classmate, played by Emily VanCamp. I’ve rarely been so moved by the small thrills and large torment of a high school romance. Dan Byrd, who plays Norman, deserves a larger audience, as does the film.”