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Everwood Goodies!

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This big gallery update is a long time coming, I know. I had not added anything to the gallery since August (!!!). That is a really long time without anything new so I hope that this satisfies your Emily fixes!

I shall start with the Everwood updates. So I have finished capping all the season two episodes of Everwood that were in my posession. If I find more, I will definitely cap those for everyone as well. I have a few from season three that I haven’t capped yet but I’ll do those soon. Thanks for being so patient!

001 x 1×13 The Price Of Fame – WB Episode Still
001 x 1×14 Colin The Second – WB Episode Still
001 x 1×15 Snow Job – Episode Still *new*
411 x 2×17 Unfinished Business – Screen Captures
194 x 2×18 Last Looks – Screen Captures
223 x 2×19 Sick – Screen Captures
382 x 2×20 Do Or Die – Screen Captures
361 x 2×21 Your Future Awaits – Screen Captures
004 x 4×16 Truth – Episode Stills *re-added*
001 x S3 Promotional Image *re-added*
008 x S4 Episode Stills – Other
001 x Last Day Of Taping