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1X03 – Miss Fortune Teller

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Original Air Date: Jan 30th, 2002

Directed By: Jean de Segonzac

Written By: Kevin Williamson, Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster

Guest Stars:

Krista Allen as Melanie Stark
Hamilton von Watts as Rick Morelli
David Kopp as Deputy Tim
Fiona Scott as Jerry Landis
Kevin Mundy as Stan Wilson
Laura Bruneau as Mrs. Landis

Official Description:

“When Sam becomes third in a string of girls abducted on Glory Island, Mike, Ellie and Rudy hasten to learn the kidnapper’s identity. Mike is desperate to find her. They also investigate a psychic who claims to have known that Sam and her friend would be abducted. Meanwhile, the missing girls find themselves trapped in a frightening predicament.”