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Format: TV Mini-Series

Emily’s Role: Minor Character

Original Airdate: December 17, 2001

Network: The Movie Network, Movie Central (Canada)

Written by: A.L. Kennedy and John Burnside

Directed by: Rachel Talalay

Production Company: Cité-Amérique and Showcase Television

Filmed in: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Movie Description:

“Dice tells the story of charismatic psychology teacher, Glenn Taylor (Aidan Gillen), who manipulates people by teaching them how to live by the throw of a dice. When the small community is shattered by the death of student Sally Quine, Detective Patrick Styvesant (Martin Cummins) finds himself drawn deeper into a bizarre world where decisions are ruled by the dice. As Taylor’s influence over the community deepens, Patrick also has his own demons to contend with as he battles alcoholism and his repressed homosexuality, all of which make him a perfect target for Taylor.”


Martin Cummins – Patrick Styvesant
Aidan Gillen – Glenn Taylor
Gina McKee – Angela Starck
Fred Ward – Gacy
Brendan Fletcher – Alasdair MacCrae
Callum Keith Rennie – Egon Schwimmer
Tracy Wright – Gil
Emily VanCamp – Joanne Wilson
Robert Wisden – Tom Wilson
Ashley Lang – Judith Wilson