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1X19 – Game Night

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Original Air Date: Apr 15th, 2007

Directed By: Matt Shakman

Written By: Peter Calloway & Cliff Olin (story), Molly Newman (teleplay)

Guest Stars:

Rob Lowe as Senator McCallister
Maxwell Perry Cotton as Cooper Whedon
Eric Winter as Jason McCallister
Paul Cassell as Gary Morris
Perry King as Curtis Jones
Susan Sullivan as Miranda Jones
Jenna Elfman as Lizzie Jones-Baker
Elina Madison as Stephanie Jones-Reed
Kim Murphy Zandell as Donna Jones
Duffy Dibley as Doug Jones
Clint Carmichael as Ken Baker
Bryan Krasner as Roger Jones
James Ritz as Wallace
Jack Ritter as Ken Junior
Darcy Rose Byrnes as Gwyneth

Official Description:

“The Walkers challenge their all-too-perfect lifelong nemesis family, the Jones (guest starring Susan Sullivan as Miranda Jones and Jenna Elfman as Lizzie Jones-Baker), to a long overdue game night rematch and cautiously begin to embrace Rebecca as their sister. Meanwhile, Kitty soon regrets introducing Kevin to the Senator’s brother.”