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1X18 – Three Parties

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Original Air Date: Apr 8th, 2007

Directed By: Sandy Smolan

Written By: Jon Robin Baitz & Marc Guggenheim

Guest Stars:

Margot Kidder as Emily Craft
Peter Coyote as Mark August
Paul Cassell as Gary Morris
Zeb Newman as Steve Cohen
Jason Lewis as Chad Berry
Alexandra Staden as Juliet
Jason Singer as the manager
Kathryn Meisle as Alice Webb
Juan Carlos Cantu as the diner’s owner
Chris W. King as Doug, Diego Torres as Mike
Parry Shen as Dan Silk
David Rogers as Jon Lewis

Official Description:

“Nora’s romantic life takes an upturn when her troublemaking friend (guest starring Margot Kidder as Emily Craft) convinces her to take a chance with her professor (guest starring Peter Coyote as Mark August). Meanwhile, Chad comes to terms with his sexuality at Kevin’s expense and Justin steps up to protect his half-sister.”