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1X15 – Love is Difficult

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Original Air Date: Feb 18th, 2007

Directed By: Michael Lange

Written By: Jon Robin Baitz & Molly Newman

Guest Stars:

Tom Skerritt as William Walker
Rob Lowe as Senator McCallister
Joel Grey as Dr. Jude Bar-Shalom
Naz Deravian as Dr. Colleen Singh
Ryan Michelle Bath as Noreen
Paul Cassell as Gary Morris
Susan Santiago as Vanessa
Jason Lewis as Chad Berry
Roxy Olin as Michelle
Cad Olivas as the little kid

Official Description:

“Some intel from the office staff may sway Kitty’s vote about her future with Senator McCallister. Meanwhile, Sarah and Joe dive further into therapy (guest starring Joel Gray as Dr. Jude Bar-Shalom), and Tommy has a chance encounter with a distant relative that will change everything for the Walker family.”