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Format: TV Series

Emily’s Role: Guest Star

Episode: 7×02 Tale of the Silver Sight Part 2

Episode Air Date: April 2, 2000

Network: YTV (Canada), Nickelodeon (USA)

Written by: D. J. MacHale

Directed by: Mark Soulard

Production Company: Cinar, Nickelodeon Productions

Filmed in: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Episode Description:

“Part two of three. Gary and the current members of the Midnight Society continue searching for the original members of the Midnight Society. Another 2 have been obtained.”


Daniel DeSanto – Tucker
Kareem Blackwell – Quinn
Elisha Cuthbert – Megan
David Deveau – Andy
Vanessa Lengies – Vange
Ross Hull – Gary
Sheena Larkin – Grandma Aggie (Guest Star)
Ryan Cooley – Waif Kid (Guest Star)
Bob McDivitt – Grandpa Gene (Guest Star)
James Bradford – General Laing Candle (Guest Star)
Philip Spensley – Vince (Guest Star)
Emily VanCamp – Peggy Gregory (Guest Star)
Bill Rowat – Mr. Gregory (Guest Star)
Anik Matern – Mrs. Gregory (Guest Star)
Tod Fennell – Jim Gregory (Guest Star)