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Name: Emily VanCamp Online (since Summer 2004)
Previously: Heavenly (2003-2004)
Established: February 11th, 2003 by S.
Run By: S. (Founder/Webmistress)
Past Staff: Lisa, GreyEyes, Martina, Jess
URL: www.evancamp.com (since July 21, 2008)
Old URLs: www.geocities.com/heavenlyevancamp, www.allstarz.org/~emilyvancamp, www.fan-sites.org/vancamp,


Name: S. (Feb 2003 – Nov 2009, Aug 2011 – Present)
Fan since: Fall 2002
Favorite role: Amy Abbott
Why Emily? “Emily is my favorite actress of all time. She is classy, extremely talented, beautiful, down-to-earth, humble, sweet, and so many other things. She is also a wonderful person. I’ve had the lucky chance to meet her several times and she is always so gracious and lovely. She is a very grounded individual and someone who I look up to a lot. I love how passionate she is about human rights and wildlife conservation. She’s not big on the L.A. scene and would rather stay in with friends, travel, or see family which I find SO refreshing. Emily is amazing and deserves all the good things life has to offer her.”


I first thought about making a site on Emily VanCamp around the end of January 2003. By then, I had been watching the first season of Everwood for a few months and I was awestruck by Emily’s natural beauty and talent. I wanted to know more about this girl who played Amy Abbott, so I went online and tried to search for sites that were dedicated to her. As a result, I only found two (they weren’t even updated!) and did not think that was enough. I wanted to showcase my appreciation for Emily in the form of a fan site. It took me a few days to gather all the information I could on her, but finally on February 11th, 2003, I launched the site online. Believe it or not, the site was not always named ‘Emily VanCamp Online’. For a little over a year, it was known by the name ‘Heavenly’. I changed it in the summer of 2004 to make it more known to fans that it was in fact, a site about miss Emily VanCamp. The site was hosted freely on Geocities I was an amateur in wedesign so it wasn’t perfect. Looking back I can laugh at my inexperienced website knowledge and be proud of how far I’ve come since then.

From the time the site was launched to about 2004, I became irritated every time it went offline due to bandwidth or other issues. Luckily, someone from allstarz.org sent me an e-mail and said that if I ever needed free hosting, she would be happy to oblige and have my site as one of their hostees. I was thrilled. I moved the site to their server right away but after two months of being unhappy with not much change, I decided to move somewhere more reliable. So I applied to fan-sites.org, got accepted, and re-launched the site there in August of 2004. Sadly in August of 2015, the site had to move hosts due to the closure of FSO. After being hosted by FSO for 11 years, the site now finds its home at the Flaunt Network

With a lot of grueling hard work, effort, drive, and passion, I have made this site into what it is today: one of the best English sources for actress Emily VanCamp. Thank you so much to all of the past staff for their hard work and dedication as well. I’m so immensely grateful and appreciative to everyone who has helped this site grow through their contributions, help, and general words of encouragement. Thank you!