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So, I got an e-mail today from Carla, the Associate Editor of Saturday Night Magazine, informing me that they just recently did an exclusive cover shoot and interview with Emily for their Feb. 2009 issue! I’m pretty sure this is the first ever magazine cover that Emily has ever appeared on (solo)! The magazine seems like a really cool publication featuring interviews with young celebrities and alot more. You can find out more about the magazine and subscribe to it by visiting their website at SNMag.com. I added the photoshoot pics from the mag to the gallery here at EVC Online and you can read their exclusive interview with Emily below!

006 x Saturday Night Magazine Photoshoot

The Princess of Primetime, Emily VanCamp
By Jillian Gordon

You might think that having a successful career in Hollywood since the age of 15, spending the day working with legendary actors and, oh yeah, being totally gorgeous might be the kind of thing that would go to your head, but Brothers and Sisters star Emily VanCamp is anything but your average P.Y.T. celebrity diva. In fact, she’s downright demure, grounded and totally approachable… and just might be our favorite Canadian import since maple syrup.

Arriving at our shoot at Hollywood’s The Kress restaurant and club, VanCamp’s friendly, downto-
earth demeanor is refreshing and even contagious as our team gets to work primping the already beautiful starlet. Sitting in the makeup chair, VanCamp, an Ontario native, reminds us that her Candian roots are well intact as she jokes with our photographer about her love of hockey. “You got to have your team,” she explains. “I haven’t been following as much as I’d like to because my cable company messed up my hockey package, but I’m a Montreal Canadian at heart. You have to know somewhat what’s going on… it’s just in your blood.” So how does a born-and-bred Canadian carve a nearly eight-year career for herself in one of the most cutthroat industries around?

Interestingly, VanCamp got her start as a dancer with the prestigious ballet school L’Ecole Superieure de Danse de Quebec in Montreal where she moved at the ripe old age of 11. As a hobby, VanCamp took acting class on the side and didn’t seriously consider a career change until her sister got a small role in a movie. “They were looking for dancers and introduced me to the people who are even now my managers up in Canada,” VanCamp recalls. “I started to test the waters and book commercials and had to decide between dancing and acting.”

Needless to say, acting won out and VanCamp began taking on projects shot on her home turf. It wasn’t until she caught the eye of famed television producer Greg Berlanti who cast the young ingénue in the WB series Everwood, that VanCamp finally made it to the states. In an industry all about making the right connections, VanCamp was well on her way. After a successful four-year run on the series, Berlanti called upon VanCamp once again for the role of Rebecca Harper on the ABC series Brothers and Sisters. “I auditioned and got a call last minute, and they said, ‘We can’t find anyone to do this. Can you please do this?’ I had just flown home to Canada and was like, ‘What? Are serious?!,’ How could you turn that down, working opposite incredible people,” VanCamp says.

The “incredible people” include major talents Sally Field, Calista Flockhart and Rachel Griffiths. Though this could easily be intimidating for even the most seasoned actor, VanCamp tried not to let her nerves get the best of her. “I was so nervous, but they are such wonderful people – not just actresses but people. Such talent and great energy – I mean we just lucked out,” she says, adding that she has learned a lot from her gifted co-stars. “I find Patty Wettig and Sally Field unbelievable. They are so different in their work ethic, how they approach it so I get to observe and take notes from both of them. They are fascinating and are incredible women and role models.”

Since its 2006 premiere, the show has continued to soar in the ratings and gain critical acclaim (Sally Field even nabbed an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series last year), but many have praised the show for its honest depiction of real life issues. “For me, the show is used as a vehicle to promote different issues that are going on, that we are talking about,” VanCamp says. “With the Kevin and Scotty storyline, they created two normal gay characters and that is so rare. And so many people don’t tackle that. We have a huge demographic because of that, whether it’s a mom in a grocery store or my teenage sister. It hits home for everyone.”

Despite a heavy shoot schedule, VanCamp has moved beyond just television and has gotten some film roles under her belt. Recently, VanCamp completed Norman (due out this year) in which she plays Emily Parrish, the girlfriend of a high school student pretending to be dying of cancer. The role proved to be quite a departure from the more serious Rebecca Harper. “Rebecca is so intense and interesting and dark to play sometimes, I mean even when she’s happy she’s kind of dark. But with Emily, she is super happy, flighty and wonderful. It was interesting to play her while playing Rebecca. I definitely had to switch gears pretty heavily,” VanCamp says.

Unable to pick a favorite between the two mediums, VanCamp has done her best to use both to her advantage when it comes to perfecting her craft. “There’s something very cool about taking a character on journey for years,” she says, referring to television. “I don’t think you could do that with film because it’s just a few months and then off you go. You have to really dive into it.” Since she’s been in the spotlight since she was 15, it’s quote impressive that VanCamp has managed to avoid tabloid fodder and a majority of the L.A. party scene. Perhaps that’s because she still remains a Canadian girl at heart. “I try to get out of here as much as possible. I certainly will never be a California girl,” VanCamp says. “I’ve learned to love L.A., and it’s definitely been a process.” Still, the actress finds time to enjoy herself through less scandalous forms of amusement. “The thing that is really great is my group of friends that are not in the industry and aren’t into the scene, which makes it a lot more pleasant. I’m not really a big club goer. I’d rather go camping, fishing, or hiking, something a little more interesting than drinking at the club.”

VanCamp credits her family for keeping her head on straight and her feet firmly on the ground. “I have one of the most wonderful families in the world. It would be a disappointment to them if I didn’t remain grounded, and I don’t want to be a disappointment to them.” Adding that her career path has strangely played a large role in allowing her to sidestep much of the chaos that unfortunately permeates much of the Hollywood lifestyle. “Once I moved here, I feel like I had the tools to prepare myself to do it right and not get mixed up in all the craziness. I really lucked out, I feel very fortunate for how the journey happened for me,” she says.

So where to next? While VanCamp is thoroughly enjoying her work on a hit TV show with some of the best talent in the biz, she dreams of one day working with more of Hollywood’s heavy hitters. “Meryl Streep…Cate Blanchett is probably up there. She’s incredible! She has such an incredible talent. In terms of style and class? Audrey Hepburn — of course, I would never be able to work with her, but I admire her. There are so many people I look up to, but working on set everyday opposite Sally Field…that is definitely one dream come true.”

Source: SNMag.com