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‘The Hour’ Screen Caps + ‘Ben Hur’ News + GYT Campaign

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Screen captures of Emily’s appearance on ‘The Hour’ have been added to the gallery. If you missed the interview when we first posted it, just scroll down and you’ll find the video. 😉

098 x Emily on ‘The Hour’ (4/01/2010) Screen Captures

So, after some digging, I found a little info about a possible US airdate for Ben Hur, but it’s not exactly good news. According to a couple of people who attended the world premiere screening in Montreal last week, the general chatter was that ABC will be airing it around Christmastime. As in December 2010. As in 9 months from now! 🙁 Keep in mind that this is not official, but it may explain why ABC has not made any announcement yet. Moreover, ABC released their official summer schedule yesterday and there is no mention of ‘Ben Hur.’ So, unfortunately it’s fairly likely that this is true. I would imagine this also means it won’t air in other countries, including Spain (Antena 3) and Germany (Prosieben), until that time as well. Definitely dissapointing if true. :frown:

In the last bit of news for today, Emily is participating in the the Get Yourself Tested national campaign. The award-winning campaign, which coincides with National STD Awareness month, sets out to spread awareness and provide information to young people about getting tested for sexually transmitted infections. Among the partners in the progam are MTV, Planned Parenthood, the CDC, and the Kaiser Family Foundation. According to the press release for the campaign “This year, GYT is rolling out a series of new initiatives on-air, online, on the ground at college campuses and in more than 4,000 health centers and clinics across the nation, including:

· Celebs Talk GYT — In a series of on-air and online promotions, celebrities including Keri Hilson, Perez Hilton, Debi Nova, Emily VanCamp of Brothers and Sisters, Iyaz, and more join the campaign’s cast of all-star pop culture personalities spreading the GYT message far and wide.”