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Site Anniversary: 18 Years Online!

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It’s February 11th! This date is a very special one in the site’s history. 18 years ago today, I started this site as a tribute to Emily. I can hardly believe it. This site is my baby and it’s crazy to think that come 2 years time, it’ll have been online *20 years*! For now, we’re celebrating the 18th anniversary 😀

With The Falcon and The Winter Solider coming out next month, I hope Emily’s fanbase will continue to grow even more and people will see her insane talent. She has been in the TV industry for a very long time and I’m lucky to say that I have been following her career for almost all of that time.

Whether you’re a longtime fan like me or a recent fan, I’d like to thank you regardless. I’ve loved being your Webmaster for the past 18 years. I am forever grateful for your love and support! ♥

Em: Thank you for being the incredible person you are. It’s been a joy to work on this site. You’ll always have a devoted and dedicated fan in me 🙂 ♥

Much love,