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First ‘Revenge’ TCA Updates

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Hey, everyone! Today was the Summer Television Critics Association (or TCA) panels for ABC and Revenge was one of the shows that had its press tour. Here are most (not all) of the tweets that came in during the panel: Revenge TCA Tweets (Slight spoiler warning – also feel free to RT this link)

I’m certain we will get getting a lot of press in the next few days regarding Emily and Revenge from the TCAs. Please by patient and stay tuned for updates! Emily is also slated to appear at the ABC TCA party tonight (along with Sarah Drew…dare I say Everwood reunion?) I will be updating you with any news and images as I get them. For now, here is the first TCA article that has surfaced:

Emily VanCamp Gets Her ‘Revenge’
By: Robert Bianco

She’s nobody’s little sister anymore.

Having broken in as a TV star as the sweet girl-next-door in Everwood and the sweet not-quite-sister in Brothers & Sisters, Emily VanCamp returns to ABC this fall as a possibly homicidal, definitely vengeful heiress in Revenge. “I’m going to really disappoint my fans with this,” VanCamp jokes.

The show casts her as a young woman whose father’s life was destroyed by a conspiracy organized by a wealthy Hamptons family. So she returns to the scene of the crime, determined to get revenge on all the incredibly wealthy people who ruined her father’s life.

“I think we’re coming to a point in time when the American people are going to want to see the take down of the rich,” says Madeleine Stowe, who plays the show’s central conspirator. “I think this show is going to play very well.”

Oddly enough, the show is very loosely based on a classic book: The Count of Monte Cristo. Creator Mike Kelley says he just moved the French aristocrats to the New York shore, and turned the Count into a young woman.

Like the Count, each week VanCamp’s character will get revenge on one of the conspirators. How many people can she get revenge on? “I’m thinking maybe ten season’s worth,” says Kelley.

Ten seasons or one, Revenge is a big show for VanCamp to carry, particularly when she’s more used to being a supporting player. It does make her nervous sometimes, she admits, but she says “I have been doing this for a very long time, even though I am quite young. I think I’m just trying to take it day by day, and just enjoy each moment.”

Source: USA Today