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‘Revenge’ TCA Images + More Articles

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I’m back with more updates from today’s TCA! Pictures of the panel have surfaced now and I have added them to the gallery (thanks to Grey). Doesn’t Emily look amazing in them?! Also, 2 more articles on Revenge from today have popped up. Scroll down to read them.

018 x 2011 ABC TCA ‘Revenge’ Panel (HQ)
002 x 2011 ABC TCA ‘Revenge’ Cast Portraits (HQ)

ABC TCA talk: Mike Kelley, Emily VanCamp, Madeleine Stowe preview ‘Revenge’
By: Danielle Turchiano

Revenge executive producer Mike Kelley addressed television critics this afternoon at ABC’s TCA presentation in Los Angeles and promised everyone that although Emily VanCamp’s character will do a whole lot of “diabolical” things, viewers will end up rooting for her anyway. Through “origin flashbacks” we will get a more sympathetic look at the character of Emily Thorne, who goes by the moniker Amanda upon moving back to the Hamptons.

“Part of the fun of the show is watching the dis-ease that comes as the acts unfold,” Kelley explained, “as revenge won’t just be had on those immediately involved in conspiracy but also anyone who’s had a hand in [bad].”

Though she starts out with a very clear goal in mind of just getting back at those she feels wronged her family when she was younger, but as time goes on, she realizes there are very real people underneath, and at times that will mean she ends up harming those she doesn’t necessarily intend to, namely Daniel (Josh Bowman).

“This part of her life that she thought would be quite easy and fulfilling…will end up challenging her,” VanCamp pointed out. ” She believed her father was a murderer; she lived with guilt and pain. She has deliberately chosen not to connect [because] the moment she forgives is the moment she has to let [her father] go.”

And clearly she is no where near ready for that just yet, but Kelley shared that by the end of the show, if they have done their jobs right, she will get to that point. In fact, the end of the show would best be served, according to the producers, with Emily and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) staring at each other, surrounded by the bodies of those they have taken down, finally forgiving.

But before then there will be a lot of vengeful acts. The first six episodes of the thirteen ABC has granted the freshman drama will heavily feature procedural elements while Emily crosses people off her “hit list.” She’ll take down conspirators left and right, Kelley promises, answering lots of mysteries set up in the pilot, but then diverge a bit for the next batch of episodes, drawing out arcs and creating longer-form character moments.

“In episode two, we’ll meet the guy who threw Emily’s dad under the bus,” Kelley teased.

Emily will dive into corporate America for a little while because she has inherited the profits from the company in which her dad invested, and in doing so, she will learn even more about the truth of the murder. If the series gets the back nine episodes from the network, it will be about the trial of the murder.

“There are cycles of revenge, but they won’t always be Emily’s,” Kelley added.

There are shades of gray, therefore, and a deep darkness to every character, punctuated even more strongly by the beautifully colored backdrop on which they live. Every character will do bad and have bad done to them seems to be the bottom line.

“All villains have light and shadow and weird things about them. They’re conflicted,” Madeleine Stowe pointed out. “And at the end of the day, isn’t it fun to watch people misbehave?”

Revenge certainly seems to hope the majority of the audience agrees with that sentiment! Find out if you do when the show premieres on September 21st at 10pm, only on ABC. Stay tuned right here for an advance review.

Source: examiner.com

ABC’s ‘Revenge’ Star: ‘The Average American is Going to Want to See a Takedown of the Rich’

By: Lacey Rose

After a long day focused on themes of female empowerment and the modern-day man, ABC wrapped up its Sunday sessions before the Television Critics Association with a genre it does best: the primetime soap.

Revenge, which ABC entertainment Group Paul Lee called one of “our internal favorites” earlier in the day, is billed as a contemporary reimagining of The Count of Monte Cristo. The drama centers on a mysterious young woman, played by Emily VanCamp, who is welcomed into a rich Hamptons community filled with people who don’t know she’s there to exact revenge on the people who had destroyed her family.

“We’re dealing in a particular time right now in American history where I think the average American is going to want to see a takedown of the rich,” says star Madeleine Stowe.

Added creator/executive producer Mike Kelley, “Revenge is such a great story engine. It’s really a jumping off point.”

The series, which will use pieces of the book as “sign-posts,” began with executive producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey, who were interested in telling a Hamptons-set story of haves and have-nots. When ABC brass suggested they layer in a story engine, Bowen decided to pull from Monte Cristo as inspiration. The decision to do so from a female point of view lead to the hiring of Kelley, whose credits include One Tree Hill and The O.C.

“It feels great to be so firmly on brand at ABC,” said Kelley, acknowledging that that wasn’t the case on some of his past projects, likely referencing his time on CBS’ short-lived Swingtown.

In an era of limited attention span and infinite options, he was quick to dispell any concerns of lingering story lines. Instead, Kelley said he plans to answer all of the questions that he sets up in the pilot during the show’s first 13 episodes.

“I want to satisfy viewers,” he said, noting that ultimately there will only be one way to wrap up a series about revenge. “It will be Emily and Victoria with a sea of bodies between them and they’ll have to forgive. That’s the only way out of this series.”

Source: hollywoodreporter.com

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    To the 2 articles: I’m not a fan of X of the week shows, but I think it’s to “satisfy” viewers, we don’t even have a whole season, that is one thing I easily forget, so I hope it works out. 6 episodes of revenge for the week is okay I guess, then we get some bigger storylines, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. 🙂 Other cool thing is the “rooting for the villain” thing like with Dexter f.e. – it has to be this way, I think it’s not so easy to do so, if the writers manage to do that they do a good job. Can’t wait, 44 days, way to long.

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