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‘Revenge’ Sneak Peek + New Q&A Interviews with Emily

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You can watch a short sneak peek of tonight’s all new episode of ‘Revenge’ below!

Also, a bunch of new interviews with Emily have been published around the net today. Check out three Q&A interviews and an article with some quotes from Em.

‘Revenge’ Star Emily VanCamp Talks Wanting a Polygamist Love Triangle & a ‘Dexter’ Crossover
By: Maggie Furlong

Emily VanCamp might be out for ‘Revenge’ as the jilted Emily Thorne (nee Amanda Clarke) on ABC’s new drama (Wednesdays, 10PM ET), but in real life she’s all about coming up with funny scenarios for the series.

I caught up with her to preview this week’s episode, and we veered right off into a polygamist solution to her onscreen love triangle. She also explained why she wants Dexter Morgan — yes, Michael C. Hall’s serial killer from Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ — to make a guest appearance.

She also had some nice things to say about her ‘Revenge’ co-stars, including Madeleine Stowe, who plays Hamptons queen bee (and Emily Thorne’s main target) Victoria Grayson. “It’s kind of ridiculous,” Thorne said. “I’m completely aware and completely grateful, just so everybody knows.”

Keep reading for more guest-star scoop and a tease about next week’s game-changing fifth episode, titled ‘Guilt.’ Will Emily finally give that hit list of hers a rest? Not so fast …

I keep waiting for an episode that’s just Emily sunbathing or sailing or shopping around the Hamptons, but she’s all revenge, all the time.
Emily: No, she means business. But I will say, in the episodes to come, the show is going to have less of a procedural quality. If she were to take someone down every week, there would be no one left! We’re going to start to see all of that come Episode 5, which takes twisted and dark to a whole other level. That’s when you see that the groundwork is being laid, and you really see her commitment to, for instance, her relationship with Daniel, and how far she’s willing to go to be with him to infiltrate the Grayson family. It becomes more about the relationships between these people rather than just taking down these smaller players.

It’s been nice having that photo, with a new target getting crossed off each week, but it’s a relief to know that there will be some time off that “person of the week” theme.
Emily: Yeah, what’s great about this show is everything is unexpected. You never know what she’s up to, what she’s going to do and how she’s going to do it.

We really don’t know enough about her yet to know if she might actually be open to falling for Daniel, or having feelings for him. Based off what you’ve shot, what do you think?
Emily: I think she struggles with this person that she’s become and, ultimately, that little girl that she longs to feel like again. It’s a major struggle, and at the end of the day she’s still a young woman who does have the potential to feel. At the moment, she’s really shutting that part of herself off, but I mean … Daniel is not who she thought he was. I think she thought it would be much easier to just infiltrate the family with this guy who was just another high-society boy, and in fact he turns out to be the opposite. He’s actually really good. So she’s definitely going to start to struggle with whether or not she has feelings for him, whether she’s taking this too far with him … the lines are really going to blur between what she truly feels for him and how much she’s using him. She’ll struggle with that, and also with the relationship with Jack. It’s going to be a constant struggle for her.

We saw her set Daniel up for a huge fall last week — it seemed like it kind of changed her game a little bit.
Emily: Absolutely. She’s going to find a lot more comfort than she expected in him as well. They are much more similar than she thought. They’re both sort of imprisoned in this horrible cell that is Victoria’s world, so they share that. She’s going to find it more and more difficult to keep all of this from him and use him in this way.

And now Jack. Were you surprised at all how quickly fans became either Team Daniel or Team Jack?
Emily: I’m not surprised. Nick [Wechsler] and Josh [Bowman] are so completely different, and so appealing in different ways, that I kind of knew that was going to happen. But there are a lot of people who don’t quite know which team they’re on yet …

I’m kind of rooting for both of them …
Emily: I’m Team Both! I think she should have this little polygamist family with both of them. [Laughs]

This week Emily goes after the therapist that put her away, right?
Emily: Indeed. She was bribed by Victoria to keep me away from my father and, in return, was given this beautiful practice in the Hamptons as the therapist to all the rich and famous people. She better look out [laughs] … I do some pretty horrible things to her in this upcoming episode!

And I can’t wait to see CCH Pounder as the detention-center warden!
Emily: Oh my goodness, I just actually shot those scenes last Thursday with her and she is such a powerhouse. That storyline is going to be great — those flashbacks are insane. People are going to see a totally different side to the real Amanda Clarke. There are a few new characters that I think are really going to surprise people. We have the lovely Margarita Levieva coming onto the show … but I’m not going to tell you who she’s playing. I was shooting last week with her as well, and she’s such an incredible addition to the cast. You’ll have to wait to know more about her, but she’s killing it.

You’re surrounded by this amazing cast already, but who would be your dream guest star?
Emily: I think Michael C. Hall should come onto the show as ‘Dexter’ and help her out a little bit. [Laughs] A little Showtime-ABC crossover, come on! Maybe he should be one of her revenge gurus.

Source: AOL TV

Emily VanCamp: ‘Revenge’ Never Looked So Good
By: Jarett Wieselman

Part thriller, part film noir, part campy soap opera and all awesome, ABC’s Revenge is the year’s biggest, boldest and best surprise. And at the center of this fierce firestorm is star Emily VanCamp, proving once and for all that good girls make the best bad bitches!

The former Everwood actress is using a decade of playing squeaky clean characters to her advantage, since her Revenge heroine (or is she?) Emily Thorne requires the outward appearance of a pristine princess in order to mask her ulterior motives — and razor sharp claws.

I caught up with Emily to talk about tonight’s episode but found out it’s next week’s installment that actually flips everything on its head (once again), ensuring Revenge remains one of the most twisted and thrilling hours of television you’ll find on any network.

TheInsider.com: I was a huge Everwood fan, so it’s been great seeing you be such a kick ass character. Was that part of the appeal?
Emily VanCamp: Absolutely. I wanted something totally different after Brothers & Sisters, so when this came along it felt like the perfect thing. I’ve always been really attracted to strong female characters and she is the epitome of kick ass. I am having so much fun with this character.

Insider: I also love your on-screen relationship with Madeleine Stowe — for me, it calls to mind TV’s greatest soap rivalries, like Melrose Place’s Allison & Amanda or Dynasty’s Alexis & Crystal.
Emily: Oh wow, I love that! We have so much fun. Madeleine is so brilliant and everything is behind the eyes, she can kill with that glare of hers! We just have so much fun playing the surface of these scenes with so much going on underneath. It’s unbelievable. We laugh all the time because it’s so catty.

Insider: Because of those things, many have called your show “a soap” — which some may see as an insult. What do you think?
Emily: There’s no way around it. Some of what we do on the show is so far from reality, you have to embrace that style. If we take ourselves too seriously, we’ll fail and won’t be producing this great show. I embrace our guilty pleasure status!

Insider: So far, we’ve seen all of Emily’s plans go off without a hitch — do you look forward to the day one of her schemes fails?
Emily: That’s coming up! The first four episodes are big take-downs every week but episode five is going to blow everyone’s minds. It really lays the groundwork for what’s to come – you see how calculated this is getting. There’s no take-down in that episode and in the weeks that follow it’s more about what happens in that episode. If you like the show, you’re going to love what’s coming.

Insider: How much do you know about what’s coming up?
Emily: I’m learning as we get the scripts. I know generally what is going on but I don’t think the writers really know everything for sure either. I think so much of it depends on how things play out – how the characters interact based on the actor’s chemistry. I think they’re really making sure to honor what the product is and no go by what they think should happen.

Insider: The show, while about revenge, also has a big undercurrent of love — what do you make of the Daniel/Emily/Jack love triangle?
Emily: When you asked about her schemes that don’t go as planned, Daniel is very much someone who changes the plan. I think Emily assumed Daniel would be this pompous spoiled boy and it would be very easy to manipulate him in this quest for revenge. But I think ultimately they have a lot more in common than she expected. He’s just as imprisoned in Victoria’s world as Emily is, he is trying to be a better person and it doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly attractive [laughs]. At the end of the day, she’s a young woman. She has feelings, even if she’s slightly sociopathic and insane on many levels. I think there are real feelings there and I think it will be really conflicting for her because there is that struggle of how much she’s willing to use someone she actually has feelings for. But at the same time, you’ve got Jack, this pull to her past. It’s such a sticky triangle.

Insider: You just called Emily “sociopathic” — is that how you see her after all those years she was basically imprisoned?
Emily: Absolutely. I think that’s what really did it. You’ll see more of that in flashbacks coming up. We go back to that time and you’ll see how something shut off in her – I think there’s a couple of loose screws in her head, which ultimately allows her to go and make this masterplan for revenge.

Source: The Insider

Emily VanCamp: Emily Thorne Isn’t the Only One Getting Revenge
By: Natalie Abrams

ABC’s Revenge has certainly lived up to its title.

Hardened Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) has already taken down three adversaries who were involved in the wrongful conviction of her father. But as the girl once known as Amanda will soon find out, keeping secrets in the Hamptons is no easy feat.

TVGuide.com chatted with VanCamp on the many layers of revenge in the coming episodes, including the show straying from the revenge-of-the-week story line. Plus: How far will Emily go on her quest for, well, revenge?

When will someone start putting together the pieces that all these people being taken down are connected?
Emily VanCamp: I think Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is already on to Emily. She definitely has a sense that something is not right with this girl. I don’t think she quite knows what that is yet, but she’s certainly on to it. There’s the character of Frank (Max Martini), who starts to follow Emily, which she is aware of, but he’s going to find out some information that could potentially ruin this whole master plan. I also think Jack (Nick Wechsler) feels that something is there, but he doesn’t quite know what.

Will Emily be able to keep this secret if she continues to take someone down each week?
VanCamp: She needs to tread lightly because there’s only so much she can do before it starts to seem suspicious. The first four episodes, there’s a takedown every week and it’s more procedural. But when Episode 5 airs, you’ll see that it turns into much more of a big arc. There are still takedowns, but it’s not always Emily that’s doing all the bad things. Victoria has her own things going on. It’s a very messy group of people that are doing really messy things. You get to explore the other characters more as well.

What will we see for Emily’s love life with both Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Jack?
VanCamp: The story lines with Jack and Daniel are so much fun to play. Nick and Josh are both such interesting actors and so different that you can really see why she’s so torn between these two men and why she’s so hesitant to reach out to Jack because he could destroy everything. Ultimately, he could make her feel again, which is the scariest thing of all. There’s an undeniable connection with Daniel as well.

What will we see for Daniel’s new roommate Tyler (Ashton Holmes) and his crush on Ashley (Ashley Madekwe)?
VanCamp: He’s incredibly creepy, and Emily is certainly on to him from the get-go. We’re also going to start to see a different side to Ashley. They are much more similar than we would imagine. We haven’t really gotten to see what Ashley can do yet, but she’ll get a lot more stuff coming up with Ashton, who’s so good at playing Tyler, such a complicated and crazy character and he’s just killing it. People will really be interested in the dynamic between those two, as well as between Emily and Tyler, and Daniel and Tyler. He’s going to be one to watch, for sure.

Will Emily’s conscience start getting to her, or is she too far gone?
VanCamp: The character would be one dimensional and uninteresting if she didn’t have the ability to feel. She’s built up this major wall, but deep inside of her, she’s still that little girl who does have the ability to feel. You see how she feels for Jack and how she struggles with this façade that she’s putting on. She’s also somewhat sociopathic in that she feels everything to an extreme and she’s sort of insane on a lot of levels. [Laughs] Whether she can come back from that, I don’t know.

Will she ever take the revenge too far?
VanCamp: I think she takes it too far all the time, which is what I love. She does have somewhat of a moral code. She definitely is not in the business of killing, but I wouldn’t put it past her. She’ll do anything to get back at these people. I don’t think it would be satisfying for her to just kill them. She desperately wants to see them suffer the way that she suffered and feel the pain that she’s felt. That would be an easy way out and she doesn’t want that.

Executive producer Mike Kelley has said that the 13th episode of the season will be the engagement party from the pilot where Daniel is apparently killed. Should we assume he actually died?
VanCamp: It’s safe to say that you should assume nothing with this show. We have no idea who’s dead on that beach, if it’s Daniel or not. It could be anything.

Source: TV Guide

Emily VanCamp: I Was Desperate for Revenge
By: Monica Rizzo

On ABC’s juicy new hit drama Revenge, Emily VanCamp plays a woman whose purpose is to settle the score with all of the people who contributed to ruining the life of her beloved late father.

“It’s been so much fun,” VanCamp says of playing vindictive yet righteous Emily Thorne – a character that is a huge departure from her previous television series roles on Everwood and Brothers and Sisters.

“I was so desperate to do something completely outside the box that people weren’t expecting and I think this is the epitome of that,” says VanCamp, who enjoys the verbal sparring matches with her on-screen nemesis, Victoria Grayson, played by Madeleine Stowe.

“I can’t imagine what the show would be without Madeleine,” VanCamp says. “You actually sympathize with her character on so many levels, which you don’t with most villains.”

On Wednesday’s episode of Revenge (9 p.m. ET), Emily turns her crosshairs on the psychiatrist who institutionalized her as a child.

Source: People

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