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‘Revenge’ Season 3 Photo Update

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I updated the gallery today with a bunch of photos from the upcoming third season of Revenge. First, there’s new HQ stills of the second and third episodes of the season. Second are some HQ promotional photos of Emily and the cast. And lastly there’s an HQ version of the official promo art for the third season. In addition to the photos, you can also read a short Q&A with Emily about the third season below.

Q&A: Revenge’s Emily VanCamp on Emily Thorne and Season 3

Canadian-born actress Emily VanCamp is coming off a “big old summer.” She’ll be appearing opposite Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (which felt “like hitting the jackpot”), and also filmed a small independent project in New York called The Girl in the Book (“a beautiful story”). Things for her longtime Revenge character Emily Thorne are just as lively, and in this week’s premiere episode, she’ll take a bullet in one of the show’s signature flash-forwards, up to which moment Season 3 will gradually build.

We sat down with the Revenge star to get the backstory on the new season, beginning Sunday, September 29 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Tell us about Season 3.
EMILY VANCAMP: It’s crazy! We’re sort of finding our footing with our new showrunner Sunil, and getting back into the swing of it. And it’s been good. I think we’re trying to ground the show again, and get it back to its original roots.

How do you do that?
EVC: I think one of the things that we need to figure out is how the Graysons get their power back. Because one of the things about Season 1 that people really loved was that Emily’s taking down the 1%. And now that the Graysons are broke, it’s very hard to sympathize with her. So hopefully we get that back on track, and also really define these relationships with her men. It’s very complicated, and very twisted, but that’s sort of what I love about it.

What’s going on with Jack?
EVC: That relationship is very strained at the moment, because Emily obviously told him who she was at the end of Season 2. And when you think about the amount of pain she has caused him, it’s not forgivable, for now, or maybe not ever. But she’s so focused on this plan, and her desire and need to fulfill this revenge—it’s everything to her. I think she, just more than anything, wants to keep him out of it. I keep describing it as if she’s an addict, and it would be like her taking a hit of heroin in front of Jack when he doesn’t do drugs. Whereas Aiden is the drug buddy. So it really raises the question, who’s it going to be? Is she ever going to redeem herself? Will she ever be at a place where she can be a good person to Jack, or will it always be Aiden?

What about Daniel?
EVC: Daniel, unfortunately, is the guy she’s marrying, but there are no feelings there; this is just a part of her plan. In fact, as the season’s progressing, we’re starting to see that’s she’s becoming more annoyed and frustrated with this man that she has to share a house with. And it’s kind of hilarious to me. They’re arguing, and you’re thinking in the back of your head, Emily can snap your neck right now! But she has to contain her rage and play the dutiful housewife.

What do you think will surprise people about this season?
EVC: I think they’ll be surprised at the pace in which certain things from last season are handled. And we have two great new characters coming in: Margaux [played by] Karine Vanasse; and Justin Hartley, who plays Patrick, Victoria’s son. I think that will be a very interesting relationship to see flourish, how he starts to affect Emily’s plans, the ways in which he’s a threat, [and] the ways in which he’s developing real relationships. He’s just a very bizarre character who I think people are going to either love or hate. And that’s the best kind of character.

How has Emily changed over the seasons?
EVC: She’s still as focused as we’ve always known her to be. But I think that the collateral damage of it all is starting to really weigh on her. The fact that so many innocent people are suffering because of this plan of hers. And the people around her sort of encourage that thinking. Nolan will only go so far in this plan. Jack, now that he knows, is constantly challenging her morals and really gives her an ultimatum, and says ‘you have to get this done by the end of summer.’ So that’s why she’s so driven and on a mission at the beginning of this season.

You must be very different from her, but what similarities do you have?
EVC: I think there’s the righteousness. I’ve always been very fond of justice and fairness, and that’s been a big theme in my life in terms of charities that I support, or just in my personal relationships, or my life in general. I’ve always thought things should be fair; it just seems very simple to me. And I think in her crazy mind, she is just righting the wrongs that these people have done, for them, essentially. I admire her courage, and I hope that I’ve approached my life with courage.