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‘Revenge’ Picked Up for Full Season! + Us Weekly Scan & Q&A

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According to TVLine, ABC has officially ordered a full 22 episode season of Revenge! This was on the heels of the show winning it’s timeslot in the coveted 18-49 demo last night. Hopefully the show will keep it up and we’ll get another full season next fall. I don’t know about you guys, but I think it just keeps getting better and better every week. Also, a new scan from a recent issue of Us Weekly has been added to the gallery.

And lastly, I came across another Q&A interview with Emily that was published yesterday.

Emily VanCamp on Her First Role as a Leading Lady
By: Minh Nguyen

“Revenge’s” Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) is an unlikely heroine as she systematically destroys the lives of the people around her, but her intelligent eyes and somber face are winning the empathy of TV viewers. Each week they follow her on her path of “Revenge” as she sets out against the people who destroyed her father (and their family) years before. As the lead character, VanCamp is also winning fans and accolades.

MSN TV had the chance to talk with the level-headed, hardworking actress about the passion she has for her career, whether she’s Team Jack or Team Daniel and her new role as a leading lady.

MSN TV: You and your character both have the same first names, Emily. Is that confusing for you?
Emily VanCamp: No, I would say it makes things less complicated on-set. [Laughs.] And Ashley [Madekwe] plays Ashley [Davenport]. No, it makes things easier because I can substitute the two quite easily.

Do you have any other similarities with Emily Thorne?
Oh my goodness. Not particularly. That’s what drew me to the character and made me explore the character, because I’ve certainly not had all these horrible things and events happen in my life. I’m not on a major quest for revenge, so [laughing] it makes it a lot of fun to play.

Your character Emily Thorne has so many secrets. What else can you tell me about her? What should we be looking out for when we’re watching at home?
I think it’s really interesting because we’re going to flash back quite a bit. Not to just when she was a child but also her teen years, which you’ll see were dark and horrible. You know, essentially she was a street kid for quite a while, going from foster home to foster home. Those situations are always kind of horrendous, and so we see that unfold. We see why she is the woman she is today. Why is she somewhat sociopathic on many levels, [and] why that humane part of her shut down? It’s really interesting.

I am a bit confused. Are Nolan [Ross] and Emily essentially good or bad characters or are they a little bit of both?
A little bit of both, I think. They have such an interesting relationship. They share a connection with her father because Nolan really looked up to my father as well. My father was somewhat of a mentor to him. There’s an odd sibling rivalry between these two. I think we’ll come to realize many things have happened in their past to make Emily keep him at an arm’s length. Ultimately, he becomes somewhat of an ally in the upcoming episodes. He starts to help her out. He [Gabriel Mann] is such a brilliant actor, I love doing those scenes.

Emily Thorne has two blossoming romances. Which one do your personally prefer her to be in?
That’s a tough one. Ultimately, the initial reason she was with Daniel was to infiltrate into the Grayson family. I think she wasn’t expecting to start to have feelings for him. In fact, [she] finds out he is not a bad guy and is not what he looks like on paper. He’s quite a good guy and trying to better himself. I think she can sort of identify and relate to him on so many levels she wasn’t expecting. That’s going to be tough. At the moment, she’s still quite confused as to whether they’re real feelings or what is going on there.

She certainly has a deep love for Jack [Porter] that’s undeniable since they were children. He is such a strong portrait of her past that it’s an incredible challenging relationship. I think she keeps him at an arm’s length at the moment, just because who knows what could happen. I don’t know who, that’s up to the writers. They’re such fantastic actors and really likable in different ways. We always joke Team Daniel, Team Jack, and I don’t know which one I am on.

You’ve been on “Everwood” and ABC’s “Brothers and Sisters,” but this is your first leading lady role. Has your life changed at all since the show premiered?
I don’t know. I am taking it day by day. Mostly I am just enjoying the work so much that it keeps me distracted from everything else that’s going on around me. I am working so much that it’s all-consuming. I don’t know if I’ve had a moment where I’ve sat back and thought, “Wow, this is happening right now,” but it is and I am so grateful. I thank my lucky stars every day that I’m driving to work. I can’t even believe it is happening and people are liking the show. It’s a bit surreal at the moment. I am digging into the work right now.

How is this show different from other shows you’ve been on in the past?
It’s a completely different character. I really needed this. I needed a challenge. It’s juicy, serious, dark, a throwback to the old nighttime-soap guilty pleasure. We have no shame. We love that. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, which makes it unbelievably fun. It’s such a great feeling to do something I’m passionate about. I can’t really complain. It’s very different than all the other things I’ve done, so that keeps it interesting.

Source: MSN TV

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    Yes, we got the 22-episode-order, that’s so great! Now everything is perect, and from what you hear everywhere, the show surely will give us a lot of interesting twists and shocking news. I love Emily’s eyes (on that scan pic). In May it all started, I (maybe we) were unsure if this show could be any good, but it is and now we made a huge step forward. Great for Emily, great for us. 🙂

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