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“Revenge” On Set Pic & Other News

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A new picture of Emily all glammed up on the set of Revenge with some of her castmates has been added to the gallery.

001 x On the Set of “Revenge” in Wilmington, NC (04/06/2011)

I also have an excerpt from an article about Emily’s upcoming TV movie Beyond the Blackboard that features some quotes from Emily and Stacey Bess (the woman Emily portrays in the movie):

Bess said she enjoyed interacting with Emily VanCamp, the Catholic actress featured in the TV series “Brothers and Sisters” and “Everwood,” who plays her in the movie. “I really enjoyed Emily portraying me. I don’t know who made this great choice, but she has great character, she’s very silly, she’s very strong and she’s very warm. Those are qualities I’m looking for when I’m looking for a teacher,” she noted. “She warmed my heart as I watched her. It was a delight.”

It grew into a mutual admiration society.

“The first moment that I met Stacey, I had this overwhelming feeling of intimidation, of, you know, wanting to live up to her expectations and to who she is and, you know, two minutes into the conversation it was, to me anyway, it was like we were old friends. You know, there was a really strong, deep connection and she’s just lovely and hilarious and so much fun to be around,” VanCamp said in an on-set interview furnished by Hallmark Hall of Fame.

Bess is “just a great inspiration to all of us,” VanCamp added. “I love having her around and I like be able to pick her brain and ask her questions about, you know, what really happened and, you know, how to interpret things properly.”

And lastly, Warner Brothers finally released the cover art for the Everwood: The Complete Fourth Season DVD! Just click on the thumb to the left to get a closer look at the beautiful cover. The DVD set, which will reportedly include deleted scenes and the alternate ending of season four, is scheduled to hit store shelves on August 2nd.


  1. ForVanAngel April 7, 2011 | 12:22 pm |

    Ah, like Emily in that red dress, but those women all look so serious. 🙁 I really hope the pilot is good (enough) for ABC.

    Only 3 weeks, now I’m getting a little bit excited. Great to hear, that Stacey and Emily got along so perfectly, it could become the role of her life (after Amy Abbott of course). One thing: The “catholic” actress thing confuses me, I looked it up, it’s not talkin’ about the religious “Catholic”? Never heard that before, so sorry for that question.

    And I also love the DVD cover, it’s really great! The purple looks at least as good as the 3 other covers do. And everybody’s smiling, that’s nice to see, I didn’t know that picture of Emily before. 😉

  2. Grey Post author April 7, 2011 | 12:34 pm |

    Yeah, it’s talking about the religion. The article is from a Catholic newspaper, so that’s probably why they mentioned it.

  3. Brandy April 9, 2011 | 1:57 am |

    Love the dvd cover!!!
    Hope “Revenge” gets picked up, and is a successful series.Emily is such a huge talent.

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