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‘Revenge’ Caps (HD) and Music + News Segment Video, plus Tumblr!

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846 HD screen captures of Emily in the season premiere of her new show, Revenge, have been added to the gallery.

846 x ‘Revenge’ – 1×01 Pilot – HD Screen Captures

If you’re wondering about the music that was featured in the first episode of Revenge, check out this page on the ABC Music Lounge. The songs that were in the premiere are listed on the website there. What’s useful is that the site also has links for you to buy the songs as well. And don’t forget that the encore of Revenge airs tonight at 9/8c on ABC!

Also, a local Wilmington, North Carolina (where the pilot of the show was filmed before they relocated to Los Angeles) news station reported about Revenge the night of the premiere. Emily explains the premise of the show briefly in the clip (you see her sporting a bright shade of red lipstick for a cast photo shoot – fierce!). Co-star Henry Czerny also talks a little bit about the show, too. Check the video out below.

As for you Tumblr addicts – we have now made one dedicated to Emily! While this is a further extension of our site community, the blog will focus more on the reblogging of graphics/gifs and any other fanworks rather than report about news on the site. For the latest Emily news and happenings, you can still visit the site daily or follow the site’s Twitter, where I tweet whenever an update is up. I also RT things that I may not necessarily report about on the site either so that’s a benefit to those who are following! Anyway, click the thumbnail to your left or the link below to access our Tumblr page! Thanks to those who have already followed!


Also, you may notice little icons at the end of every news page now. Grey has installed a very cool plug-in with various social media buttons. This way, you can easily tweet, like, and share our updates whenever you want! Thanks to Grey for coming up with the idea!

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