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‘Revenge’ Behind the Scenes Photos & Sneak Peek

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A couple additional HQ behind the scenes photos from episode 1×06 of ‘Revenge’ have been added to the gallery. And you can also watch a short sneak peek of tomorrow night’s new episode below.

And lastly, a short Q&A interview with Emily that was published last Friday in conjunction with the Release of ‘Norman’:

The Girl You’ll Fall in Love with Tonight
By: J. Rentilly

After a decade of playing heartfelt, sincere young women on TV series like ‘Everwood’ and ‘Brothers & Sisters,’ 25-year-old Emily VanCamp is bidding adieu to teen spirit in the witty and moving indie film ‘Norman’ (think ‘Juno’ meets ‘Little Miss Sunshine’), in theaters today.

But the beauty has a darker side: You might also recognize VanCamp as the sexy, cunning, wounded, probably insane femme fatale on ABC’s highly addictive ‘Revenge.’

So which onscreen persona is more the real Emily? And can we hope for a little bit of both? We called her up to find out.

Men’s Health: There’s a wonderful scene in ‘Norman’ where your character is auditioning for a drama club. She says, “Acting makes me feel free.” Does that resonate for you?
Emily VanCamp: Definitely! I think that’s the most amazing thing about what we do; acting gives you this amazing sense of freedom to be everything you’ve always wanted to be and everything that you’ve never wanted to be. (Laughs) It’s endlessly fun to be nicer than you really are or more wicked than you really are, and that’s what acting does. I just learned how to shoot a gun. I never would have done that without this job, and I love it. It never feels like work.

MH: I think every man who sees Norman will wish he knew your character when he was a teenager. She’s not perfect, but she’s damn close.
EV: She’s just so well-written. I think that’s what it is. (Laughs) I think I knew she was the last teenager I was ever going to play, so I really wanted to honor the openness and innocence and energy of that time in our lives. Then you get into your 20s and things get a little crazier. (Laughs) I wanted to pay my respects to that time in my life.

MH: The longing to belong of the teenagers in ‘Norman,’ and the simple, singular ways they help each other survive, feels very honest. You also grew up kind of a fish out of water, didn’t you?
EV: I completely identified with that. I’ve definitely not lived the “normal” life of a teenager. At all.

MH: You grew up in show business, more or less, moving from Quebec to Utah to California in the process.
EV: What’s weird is that I did so much of my teenage development and growing up in front of the cameras on Everwood. You can watch that show and see me growing up, practically week to week sometimes. I came into show business through Park City, Utah, where we shot Everwood, and that was great. Utah wasn’t that different from where I grew up. It was all kind of normal, instead of the crazy world that is Los Angeles. I’m a country girl at heart. You can see where a lot of young women get really messed up in Hollywood. You need great, grounding forces in your life, or you can get lost so easily. I was really looked out for.

MH: After years of making us fall in love with your sweet stuff, you’re showing audiences a very different side of yourself on ‘Revenge.’ It’s like you’ve suddenly come of age, right?
EV: Emily Thorne is definitely—and purposely—very different from any other character I’ve ever played, but it’s that thing: acting makes you feel free. It makes me feel so free to play this dark, complicated, totally sociopathic character. It’s therapy in a sense. (Laughs) Live out the dark side on screen and go back to being a nice girl at home. I’ll leave it at the office.