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‘Revenge’ 1.08 Episode Stills & Promo + New Articles

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Additional HQ episode stills from episode 1×08 of ‘Revenge’ have been added to the gallery. Looks like there’ll be quite a few flashbacks in this ep, judging by the various hairstyles. 🙂

009 x ‘Revenge’ 1×08: ‘Treachery’ HQ Episode Stills

FYI, there will be no episode of ‘Revenge’ next week due to the fact that the CMA Awards will be airing Wednesday night on ABC. ‘Revenge’ will return with a new episode on Wednesday, November 16th at it’s regularly scheduled time. Check out the promo for the episode below:

Lastly, a couple new articles about ‘Revenge.’ The first doesn’t have any new quotes from Emily, but it’s still an interesting read nonetheless.

ABC drama, ‘Revenge’ wallows in soapy fun
By: Chuck Barney

It’s crazy what “Revenge” has done to Emily VanCamp. The ABC freshman drama took our beguiling little doe-eyed sweetie pie from “Everwood” and turned her into a vicious viper.

Playing a young woman hellbent on destroying the wealthy dirtbags who screwed over her father 17 years ago, she stealthily slithers her way into the world of Hamptons high society with just one thing on her mind: brutal payback.

And in this case, casting against type truly works. When VanCamp, as Emily Thorne, says things like “collateral damage is inescapable” in that soft-spoken voice of hers, well, it just kind of freezes your blood.

Funny how a television season can move in unexpected directions. As the networks rolled out their new wares in September, most of the attention was on female-dominated dramas such as “The Playboy Club,” “Charlie’s Angels” and “Pan Am.” Largely overlooked was “Revenge” (I devoted just a couple of lines to it in my season preview).

But now, as we enter November, the bunnies and the angels already have been eradicated and the retro stewardesses are gasping for their Nielsen life. Meanwhile, the oh-so-addictive “Revenge” has been rewarded with a full-season order and is generating lots of chat-room buzz.

Created by Mike Kelley (“Swingtown”), “Revenge” is a throwback to those old moguls-behaving-badly soaps such as “Dallas” and “Dynasty.” The premise is that, when Emily was a child, her father (James Tupper) was framed for a crime and sentenced to life in prison, thanks to false testimony provided by, among others, two of the leading figures of their swanky community — Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) and his wife, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe).

Daddy wound up dying in prison, but he left Emily a ton of money, which she’s using to bankroll her vengeful plot. Already, she has taken on a secret identity and moved into the beach house next door to the Graysons. From there, Emily studies her list of enemies like a meticulous battlefield general and figures out how to bring the pain. When an enemy is subdued, she makes a red “X” on his or her photo. Hey, we never said “Revenge” is subtle.

Nor is it “Masterpiece Theatre.” Sometimes the plot twists are laughable and way too simplistic, as in a recent episode that had Emily and an accomplice taking down a hedge-fund titan without breaking a sweat. And too often, the dialogue spouted in “Revenge” feels hopelessly stale.

Still, you find yourself giving the show some slack and drinking in all its sudsy froth — the scheming, the spying, the sexual shenanigans.

And, of course, the complications. Emily is slowly learning that revenge isn’t always so sweet. She’s drawn to the Graysons’ hunky son (Joshua Bowman), even as a not-so-wealthy barkeeper (Nick Wechsler) is crushing on her. Ah, where would we be without a juicy love triangle?

“Revenge” is at its best when VanCamp and Stowe share the screen. Like savvy prizefighters — with fake smiles — they’ve spent the early episodes sizing up one another. But you get the feeling that it won’t be long before they’re tumbling into a pool and ripping out clumps of hair.

The timing of “Revenge” couldn’t be better. With “Desperate Housewives,” ABC’s signature melodrama, wheezing toward the finish line, and daytime serials vanishing from sight, it fills a guilty-pleasure void.

Moreover, the show just might be tapping into the current class-warfare vibe. A lot of people in a lot of living rooms right now are frustrated by the social and economic inequality that has come under so much scrutiny. For them, seeing greedy, corrupt rich people get their comeuppance must carry a certain amount of entertainment value.

Meanwhile, VanCamp is easy to root for because, under all the snakeskin, there is that sweetness — and heart. You get the feeling that this venomous behavior might eventually take a toll on her. But for now, payback is a … well, you know.

‘Revenge’: Is There Any Hope for Emily and Jack? Emily VanCamp and Nick Wechsler Weigh In
By: Megan Masters

Revenge‘s wholesome Jack Porter took an enormous leap of faith in last Wednesday’s episode by professing his love to the alluring Emily Thorne. Of course, unbeknownst to him, said Hamptons “It” girl is actually his childhood sweetheart Amanda Clarke, and yet that still doesn’t stop her from rejecting his advances.

So, what’s next for the star-crossed twosome? Is there any hope for a romantic reunion down the road?

“Look, Jack came right out and made a play for Emily, and she shot him down,” the character’s portrayer, Nick Wechsler, tells TVLine. “It was pretty heartbreaking for him, and so moving forward he is going to take a huge step back from her… It’s just a sore subject.”

Leading lady Emily VanCamp adds that while the “undeniable connection” between the two “is completely valid,” don’t expect an actual relationship to develop anytime soon. “It was so hard for Emily to shut him down because there’s such a deep love there, but she’s decided to take it to the next level with Daniel (Josh Bowman), and you’ll soon realize just how committed she is to that relationship.”

Ah, yes, Daniel. The guy who was supposed to be Emily’s fake love interest, only now things have taken a turn for the serious. “She’s going to struggle with her feelings for Daniel because it really is terrible that she’s using him, but it soon becomes more than that.

“And then there’s always Jack,” she adds, playfully, “so she’s just in a tough position. Really.”

Still, there are some memorable Jack/Emily moments in episodes to come. Wechsler says that the vengeance-seeking gal will soon come by his bar, The Stowaway, to “give Jack a gift — a mariner’s compass which she found in her attic — and while it’s really sweet, it just messes with him again.” (Translation: the aforementioned moments aren’t necessarily good ones.)

“[But] I bet something will happen between these two in this first season,” continues the actor with a laugh. “There has to be something. But the smart play [for the writers] is probably not to give too much Emily/Jack romance just yet.”

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  1. ForVanAngel November 6, 2011 | 4:16 pm |

    First of all: IS ABC CRAZY? How can they leave us waiting for 2 weeks for the next episode? When Lydia and Emily met again, what a moment! This other girl and Hamptons PDA, I really enjoyed the 7th episode today, next one should be even better!

    To the articles (1): Yeah, absolutely true, I was a bit sad when almost nobody showed interest in Revenge, and now you see that 2 of those named (TPC, CA) were cancelled and the other one’s just flying very low. So Revenge is not only a success, but an unexpected success and that’s even better if you are able to surprise the viewers. 🙂 And this show is really doing great, it’s not playing on the safe side, it’s a risk to give the viewer more than a weekly revenge, now there they added new characters to the play and I love how the show now revolves around that characters interactions among each other instead of just bringing in a person to kick it out at the end. And that’s not all, there’s so much potential, past, present, future, Emily’s personal feelings. I’m so happy that Emily not only got a great character to play with, but also is on a show that surprises the viewer every weeky. I also know that the show is not perfect, but most of the time I really honestly enjoy it.

    Thanks for all the updates, I hope I survive my week off without Emily. 😉

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