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‘Revenge’ 1.06 HQ Stills & Behind the Scenes Photo + New 1.04 Promo

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New HQ episode stills from the sixth episode of ‘Revenge,’ titled ‘Intrigue,’ have been added to the gallery. A behind the scenes photo from the episode has been added as well.

009 x ‘Revenge’ 1×06: ‘Intrigue’ HQ Episode Stills
001 x ‘Revenge’ 1×06: ‘Intrigue’ Behind the Scenes

Also, ABC released an alternate promo for next week’s episode, which you can watch below.

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  1. ForVanAngel October 9, 2011 | 7:34 pm |

    Haha, what’s with pic #3? If that’s from the episode, I’ll die from laughing at that scene. Nolan’s outfit looks hilarious, have you seen his red shoes? Only a person that is rich and has a ton of self-confidence can walk around dressed like that. Not to forget lovely Emily, every episode I say: Wow, she looks so great in that blue/green/cream dress and then she appears with that gorgeous red dress and I’m blown away again, it never gets old and I love it every time. Thanks for those pics, I’ve no prob watching some teaser pics (not a fan of those vids).

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