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New Photo Shoot Outtakes, Video, and Q&A Interview

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A few new outtakes from some of Emily’s recent photo shoots have been added to the gallery.

001 x Photo Shoot Session #28
001 x Photo Shoot Session #31
003 x Photo Shoot Session #34

You can also watch a short new ‘Revenge’ featurette that ABC recently released that includes interviews with Emily and Madeleine. Check it out below:

And lastly, a short new Q&A interview with Emily from Vanity Fair:

Emily VanCamp on the Show’s Cast: “It’s Almost Pathetic How Well We Get Along”
By: Carly Holden

Emily VanCamp has had a breakout year: after moving from supporting parts to a starring role on ABC’s soapy, Hamptons-set Revenge, the 25-year-old can be seen dripping in diamonds in the May V.F.’s portfolio of television’s most gifted actresses. VF.com Revenge recapper Carly Holden spoke with VanCamp by phone about her previous roles, her success on the show, and her (quelle surprise!) never having traveled to the Hamptons. Highlights from their chat.

Carly Holden: Tell us how you first got into acting.

Emily VanCamp: I was studying ballet at a school in Montréal, and my oldest sister was as well. And she was asked to play a ballerina in this film by chance. I went to visit her on set and just thought it looked [like] so much fun, and [so I] started taking classes for fun. It all kind of progressed from there pretty quickly. I met my manager, and he’s still my manager today—I started working and realized I loved it a lot more than dance. So I kind of just went with it. I’m very, very lucky, because it wasn’t something that I would have ever even thought about, growing up in the small town that I grew up in [in Ontario, Canada].

I was a fan of Everwood back in the day.

Emily: Oh my gosh, that seems like forever ago! That was such a great family show, and it was such a great show to do so young with such great people. It was a nice way to kind of ease my way into the business. I had done a short-lived TV piece with [Dawson’s Creek creator] Kevin Williamson, but it didn’t last very long and then [Everwood and Brothers & Sisters executive producer] Greg Berlanti saw me on that. And that’s when Everwood came about.

And then Brothers & Sisters, and here we are with Revenge!

Emily: Yes! It’s been a whirlwind. It’s a very rare thing that you can manage to work on such a consistent basis in this business, so I certainly count my lucky stars.

How have you enjoyed being on the set and your fellow cast members?

Emily: Honestly, it’s one of the best casts I’ve ever worked with. I mean, such a pool of talent, and everyone is so much fun. It’s almost pathetic how well we get along and how much time we spend together. We just instantly connected and I think we all sort of felt that on the pilot. It just makes for a really special work environment—we’re all very grateful, because it’s not always like that.

Had you spent time out in the Hamptons for this part?

Emily: You know, I have never been to the Hamptons. It never really crossed my mind. It was never really on my radar—I’m not a part of that world, I suppose. But I think that kind of works for my character, you know? Kind of feeling like an outsider.

What drew you to playing Emily Thorne/Amanda?

Emily: When I first read the script I hadn’t worked since I finished Brothers & Sisters, because I really, um, felt creatively stunted on Brothers & Sisters, and wanted to make sure that the next thing I did was something I was very passionate about. And more importantly, something that challenged me. And when I read Revenge, it was all of that and more. It’s such an interesting, complex character. And you don’t see that a lot for women, in terms of great roles. It just seemed ideal, and it’s proved to be wonderful. You really never know going into a pilot how people are going to respond to it, if it’s even going to get picked up, let alone do a full season or two or three.

I noticed when the show first premiered that there were a lot of comparisons made to The Count of Monte Cristo.

Emily: I read it and I watched the movie—I thought it was important to kind of help me get into this role. And the show is very loosely based on that story. But what a great, classic character to help shape her! And just to get the theme of revenge in my head, it was important.

What’s the best revenge you’ve ever enacted on someone?

Emily: Oh, you know, I wish I had a better answer for this. Everyone asks, and I just don’t really think I ever have. I have sisters, so I’m sure there must have been something, but nothing really jumps out. I guess I get to have all my revenge on-screen.