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Charity Photo Shoot Behind the Scenes Video and Captures

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Emily is one of the many celebrities who volunteered their time to take part in a great charity project called “The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer.” The book, which is scheduled to be released later this year, will feature exclusive photo shoots of hundreds of celebrities with all proceeds from the sales benefiting brain cancer research. Emily’s photo shoot for the book was done late last year, when Emily was still sporting the dark hair. You can watch a short behind the scenes video of her photo shoot below. It probably goes without saying that she looks totally gorgeous.

I also made some HD screen captures from the video and added them to the gallery.

100 x Behind the Scenes of ‘The Beauty Book’ Photo Shoot

Please note that because the book is meant to raise money for charity, I will not be making scans and posting them on the site when it is released. Emily volunteered her time to help a worthy cause and I simply think it would be wrong to undermine that by posting any photos from the book online for free. It would basically be stealing from a charity. Hope you guys understand and I sincerely hope no one else will post them as well.

If you want to find out more about the book and sign up to be notified when it is released, you can visit the official website.

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  1. ForVanAngel June 7, 2011 | 12:31 pm |

    Thanks for the video. 🙂 After Emily told us she’ll be designing a shoe she does the next good deed, I’m deeply impressed. I absolutely understand and support your decision, if the book has a affordable price I’ll buy it. And of course thank you for informing us what great things Emily is doing off camera. 🙂

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