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‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×01 Episode Stills

HQ episode stills of Emily from the upcoming season 3 premiere of Brothers & Sisters have been added to the gallery! Remember, season 3 premieres on Sunday, September 28th at 10/9c!

017 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×01 – ‘Glass Houses’ Episode Stills

Everwood S2 Caps Galore!

Hey, everyone! Another year of college is well underway. Before I get too busy, I decided to cap the rest of season two of Everwood (finally!). Over the weekend I did just that! This means S2 caps are now complete. It may seem S3 is too, but it’s technically not. My friend Alexandra (so sorry to see you and Michelle step down from your modding positions at FF, btw but I wish you two the best!) made some captures for us in the past but my other co-web, Lisa, will soon be replacing several of those albums with new caps, since some of those had even less than 30! Anyway, onto the update!

Here you guys go:

440 x 2×06 – Blind Faith
151 x 2×08 – The Burden Of Truth
250 x 2×09 – Just Like In The Movies
182 x 2×12 – Controlling Interest
393 x 2×13 – Forget Me Not
287 x 2×14 – No Sure Thing
208 x 2×15 – The ‘L’ Word
330 x 2×16 – Unspoken Truths (one of my FAVORITE episodes due to Em’s acting)
225 x 2×22 – The Day Is Done


Photoshoot Update

I managed to get some better quality pics of Emily’s photoshoot with Dave Annable. The pics are bigger, clearer, and don’t have the big annoying tag in the middle. I could only get 17 pics from the shoot in better quality, so there are still some in the gallery that are the LQ tagged versions. You can view the new higher quality pictures in the gallery here.

Reminder / Milestones

Hey, everyone! Don’t forget Brothers & Sisters returns September 28th!

Also, the site has now surpassed over 400,000 unique visitors in the past 5+ years. Bravo! Thanks to each and every one of you for visiting, those new and old!

Speaking of milestones, awhile back the gallery hit 1 million image views and now has over 31,000 pictures of Emily, making us, still, home of the largest EVC gallery on the interweb! Greatest thanks to all who’ve made it possible!

There is also a new layout at the gallery so check that out!

HQ 2004 and 2005 Event Photos

I made a pretty big update to the gallery today, with a whole boatload of new HQ photos from various events Emily attended back in 2004 and 2005. A lot of the events were not featured in the gallery until now and are marked below with *NEW*.

2004 Events
005 x Mercedes-Benz Spring 2005 Fashion Week
042 x 13th Annual Music Video Production Association Awards

2004 Sundance Film Festival
011 x 7 For All Mankind Jeans House *NEW*
007 x Motorola Lodge *NEW*
008 x Levi’s House *NEW*
004 x Blender Sessions *NEW*

2005 Events
012 x Outside Ed Sullivan Theater
012 x The WB Television Network’s 2005 All Star Party

2005 Sundance Film Festival
008 x Village at the Lift
012 x Fred Segal Boutique *NEW*
002 x Philips at Village at the Lift *NEW*
018 x UPP Hot House *NEW*

Brothers & Sisters Pictures

ABC released official promotional pictures today for season 3 of Brothers & Sisters, which is scheduled to premiere on September 28 in the U.S. I’ve added Emily’s promo picture and the full cast promo picture to the gallery. I also added screen captures for the final episodes of season 2, which were missing from the gallery until now, and also all of the episode stills featuring Emily from season 2 as well. Basically I just wanted to get the gallery up to date before season 3 begins.

002 x Season 3 Promo Pictures
018 x Season 2 Epsiode Stills
233 x 2×10 ‘The Feast of the Epiphany’ Screen Caps
104 x 2×11 ‘The Missionary Imposition’ Screen Caps
136 x 2×12 ‘Compromises’ Screen Caps
393 x 2×14 ‘Double Negative’ Screen Caps
261 x 2×15 ‘Moral Hazard’ Screen Caps
215 x 2×16 ‘Prior Commitments’ Screen Caps

Magazine Scans and New Video

Emily may not be attending any public events right now, but she’s all over the magazine rack. Last week I added a scan from Marie Claire and this week there’s new scans from Nylon and InStyle. Plus, an all new ‘Brothers & Sisters’ season 3 promotional ad from TV Guide.

001 x Nylon Magazine September ’08 Issue

001 x InStyle Magazine September ’08 Issue

001 x Brothers & Sisters Season 3 Promo Ad

I also ripped Emily’s “Black Irish” featurette interview from the DVD today and added it to our youtube page. You can watch it here.

New Magazine Scan, Event Photos, Video

It’s been a while since the last update, but fret not EVC fans. I’m still alive. It’s been mostly quiet on the Emily front. On break from shooting Brothers & Sisters, Emily hasn’t been attending any public events. So new photos have been scarce. Thankfully it’s almost time for the fall TV season. Which means Emily will be back in L.A. and hopefully out and about again. Already she’s promoting the new season of B&S with a photoshoot and small blurb in the September issue of Marie Claire. I added the beautiful picture of Emily, along with her costar Dave Annable, to the gallery.

002 x Marie Claire September 2008 Issue

I also made some quick updates to some of the older event galleries. Some of the new pics are MQ, some HQ, some are totally new to the gallery, some are HQ replacements of ones we only had in MQ. Feel free to sift through.

002 x Knocked Up Premiere
002 x Entertainment Weekly’s 5th Annual Emmys Celebration
002 x 59th Primetime Emmy Awards – TV Guide After Party
007 x Things We Lost in the Fire Premiere
005 x Motorola’s 9th Anniversary Party
004 x Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational
014 x The 5th Annual Triumph For Teens Awards
006 x Kenneth Cole Awearness Fund
019 x A Conversation with “Brothers & Sisters”

And the last bit of new media for today is a new video I added to our youtube page. It’s from the ‘Elle Goes Green Party’ that Emily attended last year. She talks a bit about the environment and the importance of recycling for a better tommorow. You can view it here.

Everwood S2 DVD News!!!

Shocking, right? I just found the following news earlier this week, but I’m SO looking forward to this that I can barely contain my excitement…we’ve been waiting 4 years for just the possibility of a second season box set! And looks like one is definitely in the works! It seems the biggest concern has been the music rights, so according to the article, they’ll have to replace a lot of it, but you know what? At this point I’m not really concerned with that…I’ll just be happy with having more Everwood in my home, finally!

Read the article here.

New Scan and 2007 Event

I made a quick update to the gallery today. The update includes a brand new magazine scan from Us Weekly and some new event photos from 2007. The scan is from the Us/Dove ’20 questions’ ad campaign. FYI, in case you missed the last update, the videos of her interview are currently available on our YouTube page. As for the event photos, they aren’t technically new, since they’re from 2007, but I hadn’t seen them featured anywhere before. So, in that sense, they’re ‘new.’ Enjoy!

001 x Us Weekly Scan (7/14/08 Issue)
013 x Lucky Club Suite for Upfronts – Day 3