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‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×01 Screen Captures

New screen captures of Emily from Sunday’s season three premiere of Brothers and Sisters have been added to the gallery! It’s nice to have Em on my TV every week again. biggrin Enjoy! wink

173 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×01: ‘Glass Houses’ Screen Captures

Emily Interview from TV Guide

Emily was interviewed recently by TVGuide’s Matt Mitovich about what we can expect from the third season of Brothers & Sisters and her character Rebecca. WARNING: There are some slight spoilers concerning upcoming storylines in the interview.

Emily VanCamp Is Ready for Some Brotherly Lovin’
by Matt Mitovich

She’s a Walker sibling no more, but that won’t rob Brothers & Sisters’ Rebecca from her fair share of drama this coming season (premiering Sunday at 10 pm/ET). Emily VanCamp gave us a peek at what’s ahead for Rebecca and Justin, a possible Everwood reunion, and the arrival of Ryan.

TVGuide.com: How is this season different than the last? What’s your take?
Emily VanCamp: It’s the usual drama that comes with the Walkers and the Harpers, but it’s different in terms of my character and her relationship with the family, which has changed drastically.

TVGuide.com: When you got de-Walkered, was a part of you, the actress, a little scared. “Whoa, is there going to be stuff for me to do?”
VanCamp: There were a couple moments of panic, but it wasn’t so much, “Am I still going to be on the show?” It was more, “Oh my goodness, I’m going to miss being a part of the family and playing that aspect of it.” But it opened up a lot of storylines that add new layers to Rebecca.

TVGuide.com: Some fans felt cheated, that Rebecca put the Walkers through such upheaval only to be a false alarm. But there are other storytelling possibilities this way.
VanCamp: Absolutely. It was very important to address the chemistry that existed between Rebecca and Justin, and obviously no one wants to go the incest route. I can understand how it would be frustrating that they embarked on this journey with this character and it fell apart in the end, but it’s more interesting this way. Continue reading

Emily @ ‘Declare Yourself’ Event

So we go almost five months without any appearances and suddenly Emily’s gone to 5 events in the last two weeks! I guess when it rains, it pours. 😀 Emily attended Declare Yourself’s ‘Last Call to Action’ Event in Hollywood last night. ‘Declare Yourself’ is a nonprofit organization that encourages young people to vote. Emily is looking far more casual than at other recent events, but still just as beautiful and it’s a nice change of pace to see her looking more natural. Pics, many in HQ, have been added to the gallery. I’ll probably be adding more pics throughout the day. 😉

069 x Declare Yourself’s ‘Last Call to Action’ Event

UPDATE (9/26): 19 more pics from the event have been added to the gallery.

Emmy Awards After Parties + B&S S3 Promos

Emily went party-hopping last night, going from the Entertainment Tonight Emmy Party to the TV Guide Emmy Party. Love the dress. Love the hair. Love the makeup. Love the girl! She looks like a beautiful Greek goddess! <3 Pics, including many in HQ, have been added to the gallery.

050 x Entertainment Tonight’s 12th Annual Emmy After Party
052 x TV Guide’s 6th Annual Emmy After Party

UPDATE (9/23): 33 more pics from the after parties have been added to the gallery.

I also added video interviews with Emily from the TV Guide After Party and the Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party to our YouTube page. You can view them by clicking here.

The second part of today’s update involves new promo pictures just released by ABC. 6 additional HQ promo pics of Emily for season three of Brothers & Sisters have been added to the gallery.

006 x “Brothers & Sisters” Season 3 Promo Pictures

Emily @ Entertainment Weekly’s Pre-Emmy Party

Emily attended Entertainment Weekly’s Pre-Emmy Party last night! Which, of course, means new pics! She was wearing an elegant black gown, her hair tied back in a ponytail, looking flawless, as usual. I added a whole bunch of HQ pics to the gallery. I’m sure I’ll be adding plenty more later today and in the days to come. So check back often for more new pics. 😉

042 x Entertainment Weekly’s 6th Annual Pre-Emmy Party

More ‘Pink Party’ Pics + New TV Guide Scan

More new pictures from The Pink Party have been added to the gallery. Most are MQ, but a few are HQ. I also added a brand new scan from a recent issue of TV Guide, in which Emily participated in a short Q&A with fellow Brothers & Sisters costar Dave Annable about the upcoming third season.

018 x The Fourth Annual Pink Party
001 x TV Guide September 15-21,2008 Issue

Everwood S2 DVD in 2009!

That’s right, folks!!! You heard right. I told you we’d be bringing you the latest on this when last mentioned, so here’s an update.

According to TV Shows on DVD, the chat held by Warner Home Video the other day ended with news that Season 2 will be released sometime in 2009. The exact date is still to be known but wow! After four years of waiting for this (Season 1 came out September 2004. I clearly remember heading to Best Buy at 10 AM to get my copy!), what’s another year? 😉

More Pics from ‘The Pink Party’

More pics from The Pink Party have been added to the gallery, including tons more HQ. That brings the total running tally up to 160 pics! I also decided to start marking HQ photos in the gallery with a simple ‘HQ’ symbol below each applicable photo. I thought this might help to more easily distinguish between the HQ and MQ photos. Not that any picture of Emily isn’t worth looking at, regardless of size. 😉

035 x The 4th Annual Pink Party

Emily @ The 4th Annual Pink Party

Finally, Emily attended a new event! It was certainly worth the wait though. Emily looked radiant in a beautiful black gown at The 4th Annual Pink Party, a charity gala held to raise money to fight breast cancer. I added a ton of pictures to the gallery, including 59 HQ! Enjoy! 😉

128 x The 4th Annual Pink Party

UPDATE: More pictures from the event were added to the gallery all throughout the day on Sunday, including more HQ pictures.

‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×02 Episode Stills

A new HQ episode still of Emily from episode two of the upcoming third season of Brothers & Sisters has been added to the gallery! I totally <3 her hair in this picture.

001 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×02 – ‘Book Burning’ Episode Still