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Vintage Emily + B&S 3×03 HD Screen Captures

I recently came across an old pre-Everwood photo of Emily from back in 2001, when she attended an acting school in Canada called ‘The Dynamic Theater Factory.’ Don’t ask me what she’s supposed to be doing in the photo, ’cause I have no idea. Is it supposed to be her acting suprised? Screaming in joy? Maybe she was trying to imitate an angry tiger. If so, she failed miserably, because she comes across more like a cute, cuddly kitten. The photo has been added to the gallery, so you can judge for yourself.

001 x Emily strikes a pose while attending The Dynamic Theater Factory

I also added HD screen captures from this week’s episode of Brothers and Sisters to the gallery.

177 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×03: ‘Tug of War’ HD Screen Captures

‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×03 Screen Captures

Screen caps from Sunday’s new episode of Brothers & Sisters have been added to the gallery.

177 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×03: ‘Tug of War’ Screen Captures

‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×05 Episode Still

A new B&S episode still has been added to the gallery. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I think Rebecca and Justin kind of resemble two police detectives studying a crime scene in the pic. Maybe it’s the clothes? Or perhaps I’ve been watching too many procedurals lately. You know, neither Rebecca nor Justin have careers yet… Detectives Harper and Walker?

001 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×05 – ‘You Get What You Need’ Episode Still

Candid Pics of Emily in Indiana + Blog Excerpt

As our wonderful webmistress Shirphie kindly reported a few times over the weekend, Emily was in Indiana on Saturday canvassing for Barack Obama and trying to encourage people to register to vote. Well, I’ve added some candid photos from one of Emily’s stops in Martinsville, Indiana to the gallery! Super special thanks to Stacy Kagiwada who took the photos and very kindly gave me permission to add them to the site. Stacy, you have the thanks of many an EVC fan, I’m sure.

018 x Candids from 10/04/08 (Martinsville, Indiana)

I also found a little blurb about Emily in a recent entry at The Huffington Post by Paige Donner:

Emily VanCamp, currently on Brothers and Sisters and formerly on Everwood, says that as a Canadian, she is all too aware of the fact that she won’t be able to vote in the upcoming presidential election. She recently did a college tour for voter registration with other actors of her generation.

“For me it’s about the fact that I can’t vote. I pay taxes here in the U.S. and have now for 6 years but that still doesn’t give me the right to vote here. I don’t take the privilege lightly. Especially now when I don’t have a voice.” Emily said that the environment is the biggest issue for her right now as is the case with many of her peers. “The environment is a huge concern of mine right now. Especially coming from Canada where we grow a lot of our own food. I was raised in Port Perry which is a very sustainable town. I was raised in nature and so I still feel close to it. It’s what I miss most, living here in Los Angeles,” shared Emily.

Source: The Huffington Post

Actresses stump for Obama in Martinsville

By Ronald Hawkins

MARTINSVILLE — Dozens of supporters of the Democratic presidential campaign of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama turned out Saturday morning to hear two actresses and two other candidates urge them to keep working for Democratic candidates.

Martinsville was the second stop Saturday for actresses Sarah Jane Morris and Emily VanCamp of ABC’s “Brothers and Sisters” on behalf of the Obama campaign. Franklin, Fishers, Muncie and Marion also were on their itinerary.

“I feel so lucky to be able to be here,” Morris said. “I’m so appreciative of all the work you’re doing and that there are so many people here today.”

Morris said she knew that Morgan County has a history of usually supporting Republican candidates. Indiana is usually a “red” Republican state as opposed to a “blue” Democratic state, but that could be changing, Morris said. One poll has shown Obama winning Indiana. “It’s kind of purple here for the first time in a long time,” Morris said.

VanCamp said, “I know it’s tough out here, and it’s a hard crowd,” but “for the first time our young people have something to inspire them” in the Obama candidacy. Morris said she voted for President Bush eight years ago, the first time she voted after college, and her parents had been Republican. The last eight years, however, have changed her mind, she said. Continue reading

‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×02 Screen Captures

Screen captures from Sunday’s episode of Brothers & Sisters have been added to the gallery.

316 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×02: ‘Book Burning’ Screen Captures

HD Screen Captures, Magazine Scan, and HQ Event Photos

The first part of today’s update involves a brand new feature to EVC Online: HD Screen Captures! In addition to the regular screen captures that will be added to the gallery from each new episode of ‘Brothers and Sisters,’ I’ll also be adding a select number of HD screen captures every week, probably every Thursday or Friday. There won’t be as many HD caps added as there will be standard caps, but the quality and size is obviously better. So enjoy the very first HD installment!

070 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×01: ‘Glass Houses’ HD Screen Captures

The second part of the update is a new magazine scan from a recent issue of TV Guide. The picture was taken in the photobooth that was set up at TV Guide’s Emmy After Party.

001 x TV Guide Scan from October 6-12, 2008 Issue

And the last part of today’s update includes new HQ event photos from a bunch of recent events that Emily attended. Some are HQ replacements for MQ pics, but a few are also new to the gallery.

002 x Declare Yourself’s ‘Last Call to Action’ Event
002 x Entertainment Tonight’s 12th Annual Emmy Party
004 x Entertainment Weekly’s 6th Annual Pre-Emmy Party
007 x The 4th Annual Pink Party
014 x A Conversation with “Brothers & Sisters”
011 x 5th Annual Triumph For Teens Awards

Emily to participate at Indiana State-Wide Day of Action

This Saturday, October 4th, Emily and co-star Sarah Jane Morris will be in Fishers, Indiana to canvass for the current presidential campaign. What does it mean to canvass?

“Canvassing is the systematic contacting of individuals in a target group, often in a particular geographic area. It is commonly used before or during elections by political campaigns” (Wikipedia).

The two lovely ladies will be working the 3:30 PM shift, although I do not know how long that will go for. I do applaud their efforts, though!

I am happy to see Emily for Obama because that is who I will be voting for come November 4th.

For more information and the sign up form, go here.

And one last note. If you are not yet registered to vote, please do so because the deadline is soon. Let your voice be heard.

Emily Interview from ‘The Canadian Press’

Emily recently did a phone interview with The Canadian Press about her experiences on Brothers & Sisters. There’s also a very small bit about her role in the indie film ‘Norman’ towards the end of the article.

Emily VanCamp ‘terrified’ at first on set of ‘Brothers & Sisters’
by Bill Brioux

Joining a hit TV show after it has already begun is a bit like stepping into a moving car. Make that a speeding stretch limo in the case of 22-year-old Emily VanCamp and “Brothers & Sisters” (Sundays).

The Port Perry, Ont., native had shone as a troubled teen on executive producer Greg Berlanti’s previous family drama, “Everwood.” Suddenly, she was on a new show, thrust into scenes with as high-powered a cast as you can find on television, including series veterans Sally Field, Rachel Griffiths, Calista Flockhart, Patricia Wettig, Ron Rifkin, Matthew Rhys and Rob Lowe.

“I remember her first day on the set,” says Griffiths. “She had to do this whole speech. There’s me and Matt and Ron and Sally and Calista, and I’m sure she was so nervous. She gave a speech and walked out of the room and we all looked at each other and said, ‘She kind of nailed it.’ ”
Continue reading

‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×04 Episode Stills

HQ episode stills of Emily from episode four of the third season of Brothers & Sisters, titled ‘Everything Must Go,’ have been added to the gallery!

003 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 3×04 – ‘Everything Must Go’ Episode Stills