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Emily promoting “Captain America: Civil War” in Berlin

On Thursday (April 21st), Emily attended the Berlin press conference and premiere for “Captain America: Civil War”. She also did some interviews like with the rest of the press tour so far. She joined director Anthony Russo and co-stars Robert Downey Jr., Daniel Brühl, and Paul Bettany. This is a quick update with some videos I’ve found. With my time being extremely limited, it’s been harder to update the site as much as I’d like to. But here is something for now! I’ll edit this post with more videos when I can.

Full Team Iron Man Berlin Press Conference:

Red Carpet / Signing Autographs (fair warning on the volume)

Short clip of the cast introduction:

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Emily promoting “Captain America: Civil War” in Paris

On Monday, Emily was in Paris alongside co-stars Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle plus director Anthony Russo to promote Captain America: Civil War in Paris. There was a press conference for Team Iron Man along with other interviews. Later, Emily attended the Paris premiere of the film and even spoke some French during the introduction before the screening!

Here are some videos from the Paris stop!

Full Press Conference (different angles):

Press Conference Segments:

Signing autographs:

Red carpet:

The cast introduction (different sources/angles and video lengths):

The Last Word: Emily VanCamp (Canadiens Magazine)

Long before she earned starring roles in hit shows like Everwood, Brothers & Sisters, and Revenge or made the jump to the big screen in Marvel’s Captain America film series, Emily VanCamp spent some of the most important years of her life in Montreal. In addition to studying dance during her time in la Belle province, VanCamp also spent her formative years developing a deep-rooted passion for the Canadiens. We caught up with the 29-year-old Port Perry, ON native – who is set to reprise her role as Sharon Carter / Agent 13 in Captain America: Civil War in May – during a visit to the Bell Centre to find out more about her love for hockey’s most storied franchise.

You weren’t born here, but does Montreal hold a special place in your heart?

EMILY VANCAMP: I moved to Montreal when I was 11 to study ballet. I lived with a very French family in Repentigny, on the east side of Montreal. You can’t really get more French than that. So I basically got to spend this amazing part of my life – when I was truly discovering myself – here in Montreal. At that age, you start to figure out what your likes and dislikes are and who you really are as a person. We’re talking about my life from age 11 to 16. That’s huge. They used to bring us to Habs games all the time. I feel like once you’ve been to one game, you’re going to be a Habs fan forever. I became a diehard fan, and since my mom and dad would come to visit me in Montreal all the time, they became huge fans, too. I love this city; it just holds a very dear place in my heart. I try to come back as often as possible.

Just how big a Habs fan are you?

EV: Oh gosh, it represents a huge part of my childhood and I think when it’s that embedded within you, just forget about it, because it’s love! I have such a deep love for the fans and for the team and I always will. Habs fans are smart, devoted and represent everything I love about sports. I know I’m a lifer. It’s not like two years ago I showed up and saw a game; I’ve been a fan since I can remember. I don’t remember supporting any teams before the Canadiens.

We hear you’re also pretty into UFC…

EV: I’ve been less involved with following the UFC since Georges St. Pierre has been out of it. He’s kind of my link to it. I’ve followed his career since day one, back to his matches with Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. I’ve loved watching his career and loved watching him evolve as a human being. I met him at the premiere briefly, and I was definitely a bit star-struck. So I just kind of did the introduction. I get star-struck over musicians or athletes but not really other people within my industry. I’ve admired Georges for a while, everything from his conditioning down to his morals as a person. I’ll still watch the Ultimate Fighter sometimes to try and keep up, but I am less involved. If Georges comes back, I’ll go back to being a fan all day long.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! Interview & Images

Emily appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night with her Team Iron Man co-stars. She explains that “Sharon kind of plays both sides a little bit but I think when you see the movie you’ll see.” You can watch below! There are two parts. The second one is cut off from the first one because that’s after they had come back from a commercial break.

On the show, they debuted a new clip from Captain America: Civil War. We had previously seen bits and pieces of this part in all the footage they’ve released thus far but this is the first time seeing it happen at once. If you don’t want to be spoiled, skip ahead to 0:37.

I also added several images from the episode to the gallery.

Videos from the “Captain America: Civil War” Premiere

Here are a bunch of videos from the Captain America: Civil War red carpet world premiere last night. Don’t forget to watch in full screen. Enjoy!


“Captain America: Civil War” Premiere!

Tonight was the world premiere for Captain America: Civil War at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and Emily was in attendance! She looked stunning in a J Mendel dress. This is a quick video update for now. I am in the process of gathering pictures and will add those to the gallery soon.

If you were following on the livestream of the premiere tonight, you saw Emily being interviewed. Fortunately for those who missed it, Marvel put up the interview on their YouTube channel. You can watch it below:

They also introduced the cast and crew of Captain America: Civil War. I had a great sense of pride in watching her being introduced. Also – don’t trust what the marketing is doing. Emily is #TEAMCAP

New Behind the Scenes Interview w/ Emily

Gallery Update + New Interviews

I’ve updated the gallery with the Captain America: Civil War stuff that’s come out in the past couple of days or had sitting around on my computer. I will add new things as they come and update you guys on the main page here when that happens.

003 x Captain America: Civil War – Concept Art
001 x Captain America: Civil War – Behind the Scenes
001 x Captain America: Civil War – Production/Studio Images
003 x Captain America: Civil War – Promotional Images – Solo
065 x Captain America: Civil War – Marvel Ladies: In Good Company Screen Captures
005 x Misc – 2016 CA: CW Press Junket
019 x Appearances – 2016 – Team Iron Man Press Conference

Emily also talks about Tom Holland (Spider-Man) in this video below. I’ve linked it to where she appears but you can watch the whole thing if that is to your liking.

Team Iron Man Press Conference from 4/10

Yesterday, Emily started her promotion for Captain America: Civil War. Press junkets are currently going on for the film and the interview from yesterday and the press conference I am about to link below (which Emily appears in) is just the beginning. Many more will be released in the coming weeks and I will try my best to link them all for you guys. If you have trouble following everything, I’d suggest bookmarking the Civil War tag I have on the site which will have all the news related to the film there.

Motion Picture Club’s Phone Interview with Emily

Emily mentions a spoiler early on then elaborates on it later on when she discusses what the most difficult thing about filming was for her. Please do not listen if you do not want to be spoiled for the film. If you do, proceed with caution.