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Emily was interviewed on a radio show in Australia yesterday to promote “Revenge,” which has become quite a hit there. Just click on the play button below to listen to her entire interview, which also features some caller questions.

Also, you can check out a short article from People about Emily’s sense of fashion, or lack thereof apparently, hehe. The quotes seem to be pulled from the recent PaleyFest panel, so it might not be anything new to some of you. But nevertheless, here’s the article:

Revenge’s Emily VanCamp: My Fashion Sense ‘Is a Disaster’
By: Jessica Wedemeyer

Emily VanCamp works a wardrobe to kill for as Revenge‘s anti-heroine Emily Thorne, but when the cameras aren’t rolling, the actress admittedly has a far less sophisticated sense of style.

“Oh, it’s just a disaster,” VanCamp recently joked of her own clothes at a PaleyFest panel in Los Angeles. Describing her penchant for UGG boots and cozy fleece jackets, she said, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.”

Thanks to her casual aesthetic, she often takes heat from costars Ashley Madekwe — “I don’t know what I hate more, the shoes or the jackets,” she quipped — and Gabriel Mann, who did have a few kind words. “You make UGGs very sexy,” he joked. “I’ve never seen such sexy fleece.”

Mann is confident in his own personal style, though his character’s looks “sort of evolved. It’s just kind of a process of, ‘Stick as much stuff as you can in the trailer, and I’ll wear it all,’” he said of character Nolan Ross’s tendency to layer brightly colored polo shirts. “It’s sort of like his armor. I think it’s how he protects himself from everyone else, thinking that it will draw people to him. Meanwhile, they kind of run screaming.”

However, the actor hasn’t given up hope that his alter ego could experience a major makeover sometime soon. “My big dream, which I have said again and again, is that my dear friend Ashley Davenport [Madekwe] gives me a total and complete makeover in a Pretty Woman episode,” he said. “Takes me out shopping and sort of works with the hair a little bit.”

VanCamp wishes for the exact same thing — only off screen. She told reporters, “I want the real Ashley Madekwe to take Emily VanCamp shopping.”

Revenge returns to ABC on April 18.

Source: People

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