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New Project for Emily?

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I was really hoping to get some kind of confirmation on this before I posted about it, but after over a week and several messages sent to the production company that went unanswered, I decided I’d just go ahead and write about it. It seems Emily may have joined the cast of a Canadian independant film called Divided Highway. Fellow Canadian actors Andrew Walker and Jessica Pare are also listed among the cast. The poster you see to the left is obviously just a mock-up, given they used a ‘Brothers and Sisters’ promo photo. As for what the film is actually about, the production company’s website provides a brief description of the film:

Danny Burroughs is a diehard long-haul trucker who prides himself on always bringing his freight in on time, his life is a continuous string of truck-stops and unencumbered relationships stretching from coast to coast. But that life quickly begins to unravel when his ex realizes her addictions have made her an unfit mother to their eight-year-old daughter, Cheyenne. Forced to share his hermetic world with this willful little girl, Danny must choose whether to hang onto the life in his rearview mirror or embrace the road that lies ahead.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any information yet about Emily’s role in the film. The project is still listed as ‘in development’ and as I said, this is all, as of this date, unconfirmed. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of it.