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New Photo Shoot & Q&A Interview

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A beautiful new photo shoot pic of Emily has been added to the gallery! Hopefully there will be more pics from this shoot, cause I love it already and I also love when she wears glasses. So cute! Also, check out a short new Q&A interview with Emily below.

Emily VanCamp Talks Boys and (Easy) Beauty
By: Holly Siegel

As Emily Thorne on Revenge, Emily VanCamp plays a woman trying to avenge her father’s downfall by slowly and strategically destroying those who wronged him (much to our entertainment). But in real life, the 25-year-old self-described “T-shirt-and-jeans girl” is far less calculating. “I feel for her, but Emily and I are polar opposites,” she says. “I don’t have sociopathic tendencies!”

Glamour: So what’s it like shooting with these two supercute boys?

Emily VanCamp: Nick [Wechsler] and Josh [Bowman] could not be more different but are both so great. Josh and I have moments where we just crack up—specifically, when I have to speak Japanese. The crew hates us, because they want to to home for the day!

Glamour: Are you good with makeup?

Emily VanCamp: Yes, I’ve learned how to do a nice job—I did my sister’s makeup for her wedding! My mom is learning how to put lashes on herself. My makeup artist gave her a little box of them to practice at home.

Glamour: What’s your beauty philosophy?

Emily VanCamp: Less is more. I just started using Natura Bissé products on my skin, and they’ve been working well. I use MAC peach-color blush and Lancôme mascara, and there’s a clear moisturizing lip balm I love by Dr. Hauschka Skin Care. I experiment in my downtime, even if I end up wearing the wrong red lip. And I bump it up for a date, because it’s important to look good for your partner.

Glamour: You’re newly single. What do you look for in a guy?

Emily VanCamp: Integrity and humility. Also, if he can make me laugh, that’s the key to my heart.

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  1. ForVanAngel January 5, 2012 | 1:49 pm |

    Nice to hear an actress of a successful tv show saying “Less is more.” What does she mean with newly single? Did she and Joseph break up? That’s sad to hear, I could understand them both being very busy with their tv shows, still I was hoping that Emily had found mr. right. It’s tough in the business.

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