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New Photo Shoot Outtakes + More From PaleyFest

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Some beautiful new outtakes from Emily’s ‘Flare’ photo shoot have been added to the gallery. I also added a bunch more pics from PaleyFest.

005 x Photo Shoot Session #33
059 x Emily @ Paleyfest 2012 Presents “Revenge” – Arrivals
008 x Emily @ Paleyfest 2012 Presents “Revenge” – Inside

Now a couple little bits of news. Firstly, if you’re interested in visiting the set of ‘Revenge’ in L.A., there’s a charity auction currently running on the website Charity Buzz that offers a trip to the set during the filming of the season finale. All proceeds from the auction will go towards helping an underfunded school in Los Angeles. For further details, click HERE or on the logo above to visit the auction page.

Also, in some exciting news for those in the UK, ‘Revenge’ will be making it’s debut soon on channel E4! You can read all about it HERE.

And lastly, you can watch some more videos featuring footage of Emily at PaleyFest below: