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New Photo Shoot & Magazine Scans + Emily’s First Job

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A beautiful new photo shoot of Emily has been added to the gallery. I also added a crop of recent magazine scans. And you can check out a little article about Emily’s first job below. 😉

My First Job: Emily VanCamp
By: Alexandra Cheney

In her career thus far, Emily VanCamp has played a character with her same first name three times. Her most recent Emily is Emily Thorne of ABC’s “Revenge,” a strong women looking to avenge her father’s death.

But before her days were marked with the ‘action’ and ‘cut’ of television, VanCamp was working, along with her three sisters, for her father, an animal nutritionist. Not the typical set of chores for a pre-teen, VanCamp would most often deliver feed to clients in and around Port Perry, Ontario, Canada, her hometown.

“I learned to work hard for a dollar,” said VanCamp. ” I come from a hardworking family with good worth ethic.” VanCamp soon shunned her duties after she was accepted into the University of Contemporary Ballet of Montreal. She relocated to Montreal, but she took the rewards of her job working for her father with her.

“I bought CDs with the money. ‘The Fugees’ and ‘Jagged Little Pill,’ I was ecstatic,” she added.

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