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New ‘Norman’ Photos & Review + Monte Carlo Pic

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I added some new Norman stills and a behind the scenes photo to the gallery. Now that the movie is playing at film festivals, hopefully we’ll finally get to see a trailer some time soon.

002 x ‘Norman’ Promotional Stills
001 x ‘Norman’ Behind the Scenes Photo

I also added a new pic of Emily taken after an interview at last week’s Monte Carlo TV Fest.

001 x Emily at the 2010 Monte Carlo TV Festival

And lastly, we have one of the first reviews of Norman from it’s screening at the Waterfront Film Festival last week. And it’s a very positive review. :biggrin:

Waterfront Film Festival Coverage: ‘Norman’ Review
By: EJ Feddes

“This might have been my favorite movie of the Festival, though it’s really too close to call. Cougar Town’s Dan Byrd stars as the titular Norman, a high school student who lost his mother in a car accident and whose father (Richard Jenkins) is dying of stomach cancer. Norman’s kind of a dark kid, and understandably so. Both the script and Byrd do a fine job of keeping Norman somewhere between being a self-absorbed adolescent and a genuinely decent kid who’s having a hard time holding up.

Despite being overly dramatic and self-damaging, Norman meets a nice girl named Emily (Emily VanCamp) who really seems to like him. And just when there’s something actually good in his life, Norman gets in an argument with his best friend and claims his father’s terminal diagnosis as his own, and before long, it’s all over school that Norman has three months to live.

Norman plays into it, copying his father’s symptoms and inspiring sympathy and guilt from his classmates, many of whom used to torment him. And of course, it’s absolute hell on Emily, who liked him before he was fake-sick. Norman’s simultaneous guilt and enjoyment play out really well, and his scenes with Jenkins are consistently excellent.

I don’t want to say too much, since it would be a shame to tip off any of the emotional beats. It’s quite fantastic, though. I had a really strong emotional reaction to Norman, and in one scene toward the end, I very nearly fell apart. Everything works in Norman, and I highly recommend it.”